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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes from Anna:

      Hi Can I use resin on perspex/acrylic sheets??

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Anna,

      Yes, you can use resin on acrylic sheets. The problem becomes, however, that the sheet may bow or bend because of the weight of the resin. If it’s a big piece, you will likely have to find a way to reinforce the back and/or edges to allow the piece to be hung or displayed.

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        I want to make a resin plexiglass hanging with seashells and other lighter materials without a frame. Is this possible? Size 34”x 10”

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      Christina Parsley

      Can I use non stick cooking spray on the acrylic sheet before applying resin?

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      I want to make resin coasters, I have bought acrylic sheet and silicon glue to prepare a mould for the coaster, glue to make the boundary and acrylic sheet as base so that once the resin is dry ,we can remove the base and the boundary.
      Please help me by telling whether resin sticks to acrylic sheet or not.

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