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    Sara Lazaro

    I am a beginner, and have tried several times to submerge polymer clay figures into resin sphere molds (clear silicone mold). Before I put the sphere under the light, I see absolutely no air bubbles, even using a light I cannot see bubbles. I do use a flame to bring bubbles out sometimes. However, when I take my project out of the mold after curing, there are tons of bubbles, and with my last attempt I literally watched as bubbles appeared seemingly
    Out of nowhere under the light and even after I take it out, they still are forming. I have wasted so much time and resin and it keeps happening consistently. I am using a 36 watt UV bulb light. Flat keychains cure fine, it is the spheres that are giving me trouble. Could it be the polymer clay emitting gas somehow? I am so frustrated and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Katherine Swift

    Yes, the bubbles are likely coming from your clay. Try sealing it before using it in the resin.

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      Sara Lazaro

      Thank you Katherin! I actually did paint the clay with clear acrylic, but maybe I should try painting the object with UV resin and holding it under the light for a quick seal before I submerge it into the resin. What do you think?

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