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    Katherine Swift

    This question comes from Sidney:

    Do you know if EasyCast Resin is Vegan? Not tested on animals either?

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Sidney,

    This is the statement from the manufacturer:

    EasyCast is not vegan. We do not test on animals with any of our products. However some of the components purchased to make our products are tested on animals.

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    Thank you! Does anyone know of any resins that can be used for jewelry making that are 100% vegan (no animal products used or tested on animals)?

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    The manufacturer of Envirotex jewelry resin and Easy Mold silicone putty states they do not test their products on animals and none of their products contain animal by-products.

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    Jill Danskin

    Is art resin vegan and cruelty free ?

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