Want to make a resin backsplash

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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes from Barry:

      Good morning, firstly let me say the information on your page is excellent and it was very helpful for me to get some understanding of resin as a complete beginner.

      I am looking at renovating my kitchen and I wanted to make custom splashbacks using either a printed design, self adhesive design or wall paper. I have tried to search for tutorial videos on this subject but its mostly workstops that are shown.

      Would you be able to provide some guidance on the steps I should follow and also on material to be used.

      I thought I could possible use plywood for the backing and paint it to the required colour lay a level of resin and then apply the artwork, and then lay another layer of resin.

      This is probably completely wrong and that’s why I wanted to ask the experts..lol

      any information would be much appreciated.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Barry,

      Thank you for your kind words. Here’s what I can tell you if I were to attempt this project.

      In general, plywood doesn’t work well as a resin artwork surface. It tends to warp and bend from the weight of the resin, especially if you don’t have a way to brace the sides (like in a frame). I also don’t know how you would seal the plywood from beneath so it doesn’t wick water into it. That will make the plywood warp as well.

      Have you considered using tiles as a backing? You could create artwork on them, then set them into your backsplash.

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        Ive thought of making custom backsplashes kitchen and bathroom shower) and even full floor peices as well. Tile sounds like a great idea. What are your thoughts on making one (or a few) large peice(s) to install instead ld many small peices? Is that doable? Also, ive thought about using stones and crystals in them. Any advice or ideas?

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          Katherine Swift

          There are resins out there that are specifically made to use for flooring, although I don’t have any experience using them. You will want to be sure the resin can hold up to foot traffic and (perhaps constant) moisture exposure.

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      I just made one with plywood and there were myriad problems. Plywood warps when it is flat on the floor. I followed instructions according to another website and made a frame to a) keep it flat and b) keep the resin in and to be able to have the resin quite thick. Well it was a disaster. I expected that due to high viscosity the resin would stay within the frame but it leaked everywhere. Then when I tried to take the frame off it was fully stuck so I had to use hammer and chisel to remove. Now I don’t think I even like the result and will start all over again.

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      I saw an idea on a home improvement show; mixing resin with sea shell chips, in a subway tile shaped mold, then using the resulting tiles to create the back splash in a kitchen. Any ideas how realistic the idea is for DIYers?

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      kay fish

      We are remodeling a 100 year old home at the North Carolina coast. We want to create a relatively large kitchen back splash using a clear resin to seal in chips of sea shells, crab claws, sand dollars and other sea shore items. What type of frame material can we use to build a 1 inch thick back splash? We would prefer to remove the outside framing of the back splash while attaching the backing (back splash) to our kitchen wall. What material should we use as the backing for this back splash, and what material should we use for a removable outside frame?
      thank you,
      Kay Fish

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