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      kelli perriello

      Hi–I have worked with epoxy resin a bit, made table and bar top with postcards, shells, etc…
      What I want to do here is make a bar top and I have some stencils that I had planned to fill in with some really beautiful hand blown glass that got broken then put epoxy on it.
      But now I saw a river table and have ordered the pigment to add to resin for glow in the dark.
      This bar top will be in the sun so first I need to know it I should be using a special resin, like marine grade since it will be outside?
      I have seen these with pecky cyprus but mine is pine that has been painted. I figure I can take my router and make the river and also make a word and then I can fill it in with the glow in dark epoxy resin that I make up.

      My biggest problem is that I have seen several videos of people doing the glow in dark rivers but on all they sand down the resin due to overflow and then I think they are putting polyurethane on the rest of the area. I want clear resin on the part that is not glow in the dark. Like to cover my glass on the stencil, I want it clear.
      If I have the glow in dark part and sanded can I then just use clear and maybe take my gloved hand to try to keep it from running into, build a dam? I could easily build a dam around the river but not sure about word?
      Also, what if I did not do anything with router and just dribbled it, clear where I want the stencil glass to show thru and glow in dark just in streaks. All on top of board? Other than taping off sides I can’t see why I cant make the whole top resin?
      Any ideas, tips, welcome. Thanks

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