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      Hello! So I’ve never worked with resin before, and I’m totally lost on what brand/type to use. I’d like to use it to coat & seal a variety of clay objects (the clay is paperclay). Some of them are just earrings, sculptures, wall hangings, things that don’t really need any special properties. But I have some other projects I’d like to use it on that require water resistance/heat or flame resistance, such as flower pots, candles, ashtrays, coasters and smoking pipes. From what I’ve gathered epoxy is best for most of those projects, but I’m a bit worried about using it on the projects that need heat/flame resistance, especially the pipes. I thought of maybe polyester resin, but it seems it may not bond to the clay, plus I heard it has nasty fumes (I live in a small apt). Any suggestions? Also, if you have any tips for using it to seal, I’d love to hear them. (Ps, the cheaper the brand the better, but I’m willing to splurge if I need to)

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Candra,

      For what you want to do, I’m afraid resin isn’t a good choice because of the potential exposure to extreme heat and/or flame.

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