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      Cameron Waiters

      I have this sketching notebook and I have some dried flowers, plants, mushrooms and other outdoor artifacts that I want to place on the cover and back of my sketching notebook, what should I use for the mold or in other words how can I contain the resin around my sketchbook when I am pouring the resin on top of it? I have done some research and it is very difficult to find cheap acrylic panels to put around it. Do you know any places I can purchase them or maybe even some diy ways to do it? I have a foam poster board, but I’m not sure if that will do the trick. Also once it cures what is the best way to remove it or should I use some time of spray to easily remove the resin from he mold.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Cameron,

      We have a journal cover mold in our store in three different sizes:

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      Jessica Davis

      I was just thinking about something like this and I was kind of wondering if creating a border with that removable glue stuff they use in packaging a lot would work as a border around a notebook. Has anyone tried this?

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