Why not deep pour resin for all molds?

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      Esther Rabe

      If I need a watery consistency and no doming effect is necessary, what’s the downside of using a deep pour resin for molds less than 3in?
      I understand why you need the deep pour resin for over 3in, but why would I need to buy an additional resin for pours less than 3in?
      Can I use a deep pour resin on a very shallow but intricate mold?
      The extra pot time of the deep pour resin is also a plus and I don’t mind the extra cure time.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Esther,

      This is a great question!

      I will use the Resin Obsession deep pour resin on my mold projects when I need to pour into a lot of molds at once. You can buy the resin here: https://shop.resinobsession.com/collections/resin/resin-obsession-deep-pour-resin

      This works provided you do the following:

      1. Mix at least three ounces
      2. Keep the resin casting area warm for the entire curing time.
      3. Allow longer curing time for thinner molds, knowing it can take up to 3 days to be able to demold.

      Does this help?

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      Esther Rabe

      That is super helpful!
      What happens if I don’t keep the area warm for the entire 3 day cure time?

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      Katherine Swift

      It may not fully cure, or can cure soft.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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