Will resin stick to shelves?

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    Katherine Swift

    This question comes from Carolyn:

    I have some 18″ X 18″ Ikea shelves that I would like to use. Can you tell me if the resin will stick to that kind of a surface; or a mica (formica) surface. Also have some kd furniture that I would like to redo.

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    Katherine Swift

    Here’s my experience with resin in this situation.

    Yes, resin will stick to formica. The countertops in my old resin studio were formica and they had resin drips all over them that wouldn’t come off. LOL.

    As for the other items, I would definitely make sure the surface is clean. Resin will not stick to oil. i.e. greasy fingerprints, food crumbs, etc. If the surface can withstand it, going over it with a fine grit sandpaper wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

    Please report back your results!

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