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      So I am making coasters from logs of wood that I have cut down from my yard and filling the various splits and imperfections in the wood with colored epoxy. They look AMAZING!! The issue I am having is when pouring the epoxy to fill the voids. I have used blue masking tape, red sheathing tape and the sliver HVAC tape to create a “mold” around the piece of wood to keep it where I want it. The best that I have found as far as leak-proof is the sliver tape – its expensive but also once the epoxy has set enough to remove it, I have a very difficult time getting it off. Removing it typically involves razor blades and chisel to get it to release. Any suggestions on something that is going to adhere well to the shape of the wood and provide a liquid tight seal?

      Thanks for your help!


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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Ryan,

      What kind of shape are you creating for your coasters?

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      I am keeping it in its natural roundish shape. And they are about an inch to inch and a half thickness

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      I would invest in a dremel type tool. They have all sorts of lil tool adds that you can use to get the lil details you want out. Also you may want to see about making your own molds out of silicone. And you can also try using the a silicone release spray that’s cheap on amazon before your pour. Best of luck. Would love to hear how it turns out!😁

Viewing 3 reply threads
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