How to apply mold release to a detailed mold

How to apply mold release to a detailed mold

If you are working with silicone molds, you may have wondered how to apply mold release to a detailed mold.  I’m going to walk you through those steps so you can be sure your resin charms demold for you as you expect!

And if you’re wondering why this is important, then you will want to read about why I always use mold release.

Step 1:  Mist your mold

Lightly mist your mold with the mold release.  You only want to spray a little bit.  Don’t use your mold release like cooking spray.

Step 2:  Apply to crevices

Spray some of your mold release into a plastic container or onto wax paper.  Next, dip a paintbrush into the mold release.  Then, apply the mold release to the mold.  Because the mold is flexible, you can bend it to get mold release into the crevices.

Step 3:  Allow to dry

Let your mold fully dry before pouring resin into it.  This takes at least 30 minutes, but I like to prep my molds with mold release the day before if I can.

Here’s my favorite mold release I like to use.  It goes on in a fine mist and helps resin charms to pop out of a mold so easy!

I’ve got a video that shows the exact techniques I use on how to apply mold release to a detailed mold.

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  1. Great tip…especially letting the mold release dry for 2 hours…I didn’t know that the first time I used it and…well…you know! Thank you.

  2. Beneficial info and excellent diegsn you got here! I want to thank you for sharing your ideas and putting the time into the stuff you publish! Great work!

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