Molding a resin bracelet

Molding a resin bracelet

Techniques for molding and casting a resin bracelet

bracelet links in mold cup

Last week, I tried molding a resin curb link bracelet I found in the bargain bin at a local craft store.  The results from that experiment showed that molding the links horizontally wasn’t going to work.  I decided to try again this week, but with the curb links in a vertical position.  I placed them in my mold box on double sided tape.  Not shown:  I poured melted Composimold reusable mold making material over my bracelet links.  I allowed it to fully cool before removing it from the mold cup.

trim mold away from model

To get the bracelet link out of the Composimold, I had to cut the sides of each link along outer edge along with cutting the center.

pour resin into mold

I mixed Resin Obsession super clear resin and colored it with Resin Obsession opaque red pigment.  To fill the mold, I had to gently spread the top open while dripping the resin into the cavity.

bubble in resin mold

While pouring the resin, I trapped a bubble in my mold.  To get it out, I squeezed the sides of the mold to push the bubble to the top.  (Thanks Composimold for the suggestion!)

resin coated mold

To get all four cavities filled with resin, I made quite the mess.  I let the resin cure overnight before demolding.

demold resin links

I demolded the resin by bending the Composimold and pulling up on the casting.  Because the resin was thin in some areas on top, I was able to break the large piece on top of the mold (shown in the last picture) simply by bending it.

resin curb links

I was able to successfully cast three out of the four links.  The fourth one broke as I demolded it because there was a small bubble in the casting.  The next step is to clean these up.

resin curb bracelet

My finished resin links look pretty good compared to the original.  Now, in spirit of full disclosure, I’m not sure I would do this again.  This was a lot of work to only get a few links.  I don’t see myself trying to recreate a full length resin bracelet this way.  What I could see, however, is having this mold handy and filling it with resin leftover from another project.  It might take awhile, but I could eventually have a multi-colored bracelet.

Would you try this?


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Cool I could see doing this with whatever resin I had left from other projects until I had enough to make a bracelet.


I bought btacelet and earring molds…the bracelets always cure with a dip around the top and the earrings are very thin and have no hook at ghe top so i havevto drill a hole which i dont know how how can i do a better job on earrings and bracelet?

Katherine Swift

For the bracelet, overfill a bit when pouring the resin. As it shrinks it will the edge of the bracelet will (hopefully!) cure closer to where the edge should be. As for the earrings, drilling a hole isn’t a big deal. Here’s a link to a video on our youtube page on how to do it:


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