Resin painting 111

It looks like the third time is a charm.  🙂

Resin formula

After ruining painting 107, I decided it would get a do-over this week.  I wanted plenty of resin, so I mixed eight ounces this time.  I separated off an ounce to mix with Resin Obsession opaque white pigment and an ounce to mix with Krylon gold metallic paint.  The remaining resin got split between two cups and mixed with Resin Obsession opaque black and opaque red.  I added a drop of dimethicone to the white resin.

red and black resin

The black and red resin went down first to cover up the previous painting.

adding white resin with cells

The idea for the next layer was to cover the seams between the red and black resin with the white and gold resin.  I applied it in a few key places, then used a heat gun to push the resin around to accentuate the cells.


painting 111

I think I got it this time.  When I first walked away from the painting, I wasn’t sure that I was going to like it.  But after leaving it alone for a day, I found I liked it much better.

animals in resin paintings

What I like best in this painting is the alligator in the lower left corner.  It’s a Florida thing I guess.

Do you find animals in resin paintings?


Read more about how this resin painting series got started.

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Katherine Swift

Oh I see that now! (and I’m embarrassed to say that I have had two spotty dogs and did not see that in the painting.)

Jack Farmer

Saw it right off the bad.
When I had my airbrush studio I NEVER once threw out a painting,
You can ALWAYS change a fail into a success, just as you have.
PERFECT text book example.


Katherine Swift

I see the alligator too now that you mention it! Like he’s on his side and the top of his head is gold and the bottom is white.

Katherine Swift

Bwahahaha. I’ve had love bugs get in the resin when I pour outside.


Nice color combo! It looks very beautiful! It’s funny how our eyes can see so many different possibilities! You see an alligator I see a snake head!! Perceptions are incredible aren’t they?!

Kim Braley

I saw a cardinal in the upper right, lol. Didn’t even see the gator.

Katherine Swift

I totally missed that! I thought perhaps the alligator was going after the animal in the red resin on the lower right. Looks like a blue marlin? (Or I guess gold marlin.)


I see a beautiful horse. I understand the gator head also. Lots of critters in Florida.


I have a question. You used gold spray paint in this right? I have tried so many different combos to try to get a shiny metallic gold, but every time I mix spray paint with resin it gets dark. Turns a muted brown? I even bought artresin thinking maybe it was the type of resin, but it still keeps turning dark. Do you have any advice?


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