Resin painting #110

Let me say right away that I had nothing to do with these color choices.  It was not my idea to do a bright colors resin painting.

I wanted to spend Mother’s Day painting pottery with my boys (ages 10 to 12).  When I couldn’t get anyone to do that with me, I decided to paint resin instead.  I asked each of them to pick a resin color for the painting.  I’m still not sure if they were serious or messing with me.  Their choices were:  hot pink, dark blue and light yellow.  OMG.  Just what every resin artist is hoping to hear needs to go together in a painting.

Resin forumla

The painting base is a new 12 inch square white ceramic tile.  I wanted plenty of resin to work with, so I mixed eight ounces of resin.  After pouring off 1 ounce into two smaller cups, I colored them with Resin Obsession opaque white and one drop of dimethicone and the other with Krylon plum purple spray paint.  If you remember from painting #30, it colors resin a copper color and not purple.  Next, I split the remaining resin amongst three cups, going lighter on the cup for the blue resin.  I colored one cup with Resin Obsession bright magenta, one cup with Resin Obsession opaque yellow, and the final cup with a mix of mostly Resin Obsession opaque blue, plus a smidge of Resin Obsesison opaque orange, black and magenta to darken it up.

Pink yellow blue resin on a tile

I applied the resin as a direct pour, trying to get the colors next to each other in as complimentary a pattern as possible.

Then, I applied white resin, using a heat gun to push it over the other colors.  I waited to add the bronze resin at the end as some highlights.


This is the best Mother’s Day painting ever.


bright colors resin painting

So while not colors I would choose, it means so much that each of my three boys picked the main colors.  Even if they may have been trying to punk me.  This resin painting turned out much better than I expected.

pink purple blue white cells resin painting

So by pure dumb luck, the colors they picked were ‘primary’ which allowed them to blend at the edges to make some pretty cool secondary colors.  You can see where the blue and hot pink combined to make purple.

resin painting detail yellow green pink

The yellow and blue combined to make green, so I ended up getting five colors from the three they picked.

What do you think of my bright colors resin painting?


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It turned out very pretty!

I’m curious, has any of our resinistas tried pour painting with resin on rocks? I’m thinking of trying it.

Katherine Swift

OOh, I have not seen anything like that. If you try, would you mind sharing a link? I would love to see a finished project.

Jack Farmer

I LOVE it. When I hd my Airbrush Studio in Det. Many yrs ago I used a simular Tech with transparent ink’s on art board for airbrush abstracts all came out GREAT. haha

Bruce Burton

I like these, and applaud your efforts as a mom. I particularly like the very first one shown, with just the three very bright colors. It reminds me of the 1960s.

Julia Christine Mann

Can I ask please what these are painted on ? They look great.


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