DIY Lookalike granite countertops

I spent the weekend scrubbing and sealing my granite countertops.  After staring at them for an hour, I thought it might be fun to try to recreate them in resin.

In case you haven’t been to my kitchen, here’s what my countertops look like for reference:

granite countertop

I mixed six ounces of resin to cover a 12 inch square ceramic white tile.  Next, I put 2/3 of an ounce of resin into three different cups.  Then, I colored two of the cups with Resin Obsession black and white to get a medium gray and another to get a dark gray.  The third cup I colored with Pearl Ex shimmer violet.  The remaining resin was colored with Resin Obsession opaque white.  To the medium gray, I added one drop of dimethicone.

resin painting white gray silver

First, I covered the tile completely with white resin.  Next, I put down ribbons of dark gray followed by ribbons of lighter gray.  The idea was to allow the lighter gray to open and show cells of darker gray underneath.  Once I had the grays the way I liked them, I added the shimmer violet.  I used a heat gun to get the resin to move and accentuate the cells.


DIY lookalike granite countertops

So while not exactly my countertops, I think this pattern on a real countertop could be really pretty.  I am surprised by how much the grays moved over the white.  If I were to try this on real countertops, I would use less gray to start.  It could easily take over and create a ‘distracting’ granite pattern.

resin painting countertop detail

I am a little bummed that you can’t see the shimmer violet easier.  By itself, it’s a beautiful violet that will also show black depending how the light hits it.  Surprisingly, it sank in the resin.  It’s in the center of the picture above.

resin painting lookalike granite

You can see it going from left to right in this view too.  Overall though, I like this.

I think this might be good enough for DIY lookalike granite countertops.  What do you think?


Read more about how this resin painting series got started.

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mary m young

Years ago I did the glass flower vase thing and got the most
terrible headache for a week. Just make sure you use plenty of ventilation.


Wow! That actually looks neat! I have been looking for a legit countertop sealer, is the one you used one application?


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