How to make resin art – how to paint with resin

how to make resin artAre you ready to get creative with resin?  Then you might be wondering how to make resin art.  Here are the simple steps to help you make your next resin masterpiece!

Step 1:  Prepare your resin art workspace.

While creating resin art is fun, it is MESSY!  You will need a space where you can do the following:

  1. 1. Elevate the painting so the resin can drip off the side
  2. 2. Can stay undisturbed for the entire cure time
  3. 3. Can accommodate a cover for the resin painting to keep dust off of it while it cures.
  4. 4. Cover it with plastic to keep drips off the surface
  5. 5. You don’t mind if a happy accident happens your resin art leaves drips on the floor.

Pro tip:  to make sure the resin that runs off doesn’t run onto the floor, I like to set up my resin art in another container to accommodate drips.  This can be a plastic container, cardboard box, etc.  Once again, it needs to be something that you don’t mind gets covered with resin.

Step 2:  Choose your resin painting surface.

stack of canvases

There are many substrates that can be used for resin painting.  Make sure it’s one that has a flat surface or one that you can support with shims to make sure it can lie flat.  My favorite resin art beginner painting surface is white ceramic tiles from the home improvement store.  You can usually get them for under a dollar!

If necessary, protect the back and sides with painter’s tape. This tape will collect the drips that run underneath.  Once your resin has soft-cured, remove this tape so that your resin cures with a crisp edge.

This video shows you how to do that:

Step 3:  Gather your resin art supplies, including an artwork resin.

This step is essential in the process of how to make resin art.  Resin for painting mixes thick enough to stay on the surface of the painting, with minimal drips off the sides.  This is in contrast to resin for molds, which mixes thin, like water.  Using those resins for your surface can lead to the dreaded fish eyes in resin.  You will also need mixing cups, stirring utensils, resin colors, and safety equipment like gloves, goggles, and a respirator.


Step 4:  Determine the amount of resin you need to cover the surface.

Don’t worry, Resin Obsession has done the heavy lifting for you.  Go to our resin volume calculator, input your dimensions, and the calculator will tell you how much resin you need to mix to make your resin art.

Step 5:  Elevate your resin painting surface and use a level to make sure it is even.

check levelness of board surface

Grab a level and make sure your surface is level on all planes.  If it isn’t, your resin is going to settle over the surface unevenly or even run off the sides!  Use shims as necessary to level the surface.

Step 6:  Mix the total amount of resin you need according to directions.

measuring two parts of resin

This step is also pretty important when learning how to make resin art so I want to take a moment to make sure you understand the math.

For example, if in the last step, the resin calculator told you to mix 20 ounces of resin, that means 20 ounces TOTAL of resin.  If you are using the Resin Obsession artwork resin, this resin mixes 1 part A (resin) to 1 part B (hardener) by volume.  That means you will need to measure 10 ounces of resin AND 10 ounces of hardener.  If mixing resin is new to you, here’s how to mix resin and hardener in five easy steps.

Of course your resin doesn’t have to stay clear!  Use resin colors as desired and apply the colored resin to your painting surface.

pouring resin into art

Pro tip:  Use a timer to help you keep track of the resin’s pot time.  It’s easy for time to get away from you, and before you know it, your resin is starting to cure, and you are nowhere near finished.

Step 7:  Use a heat gun to get out bubbles and push around the resin.

heat gun on resin

Here’s where resin art gets fun and creative.  This pushing of the resin is what helps to make interesting designs and create cells in resin.


Step 8:  Cover your resin art painting to keep dust and hair particles off the resin while it is wet.

putting a plastic cover over resin

Resin has an affinity to collect dust, dirt, and especially pet hair!  You don’t want to have these imperfections on your cured resin.  Make sure you keep the dome on your resin art until it’s cured to the touch.

Pro tip:  Resin for art is generally cured enough by 24 hours that they can be moved but still may be dented with a finger.  At this point, you can move your resin painting to another area to finish curing and use the resin painting space for a new project.

Here’s a video of one of my favorite resin paintings that I’ve created:

Have more questions about how to make resin art?  Then you will want your own copy of my PDF ebook, Resin Fundamentals.  I’ve taken my fourteen years of resin experience and condensed it into the vital details you need to know to make paint something amazing with resin.  Buy now and an email shows up in your inbox in minutes with the book download link.


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