Resin painting #100

Wow.  Painting number 100!  I hope all of you have enjoyed the journey on this series.  I know it’s been a fun learning experience for me.

For this week’s painting, I wanted to revisit a dirty pour but instead using dimethicone to create cells.  I mixed about seven ounces of resin and put 1 ounce into three cups and colored with  Resin Obsession magenta plus a drop of dimethicone, a mix of Resin Obsession opaque yellow with a smidge of opaque orange with a drop of dimethicone and 1/2 teaspoon Krylon gold metallic spray paint.  The remaining resin was colored with Resin Obsession opaque white.

resin dirty pour cup magenta white orange


For the first couple of layers, I poured white, then poured a color, then completely covered it with white before pouring the next color.  For the last few layers, I poured two colors in a the same time at different ends of the cup.  Once assembled, I poured the entire cup in one pour, then used some extra color to fill in.

resin dirty pour


resin painting #100

I wasn’t happy with the painting when I walked away, but it got better while it cured.  I think adding the extra magenta and silver at the end was a big help but it’s still muddier than I wish it was.

What has been your experience with dirty pour resin paintings?


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ilene wight

I usually leave about half of each color out of the dirty pour, because I never know what will happen. Occasionally the color I want to see the most of will completely disappear in the dirty pour. Either because it is a denser paint than I thought and sank to the bottom or because it dispersed into another paint.

Rhonda J. Hunter

This is beautiful! It reminds me of an impressionist garden painting, like something Monet would do.


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