Resin painting #101

I didn’t care for the muddiness of last week’s resin dirty pour painting, so I decided to use the same colors but in a different technique.  I also wanted to try warming dimethicone and flicking it onto the painting surface.

Here’s a recap of what I mixed:

*Seven ounces of resin, then put 1 ounce into three separate cups and colored with
*Resin Obsession magenta
*a mix of Resin Obsession opaque yellow with a smidge of opaque orange
*1/2 teaspoon Krylon silver metallic spray paint
*The remaining four ounces of resin was colored with Resin Obsession opaque white

magenta and orange direct resin pour

After completely covering the previous painting with white resin, I applied the colors as ribbons.  Next, I drug my stir utensil through the colors to create more patterns.

swirls of magenta and orange resin painting

Next, I applied the silver resin and used my stick again to create patterns.

So here’s where things got a little crazy.  I pumped about 1/2 teaspoon of dimethicone hair serum into a small plastic container and let that sit in a larger container of very hot water (think double-boiler) for about 10 minutes.  My hope was that it would be thin enough in consistency to flick onto the surface of my painting with a toothbrush.  To my surprise, the dimethicone was just as thick as when it came out of the bottle.  So I tried mixing some of the steaming hot water into the dimethicone only to find that it made it bead up.

I flicked that onto my surface instead and got these beads:

beads of water on a resin painting

I was all in at this point and decided to let it go to cure.


resin painting direct pour magenta orange silver

I like the patterns in this one.  The white helps to balance everything out.

So you might be wondering what happened to the beads of water and dimethicone?

resin painting with divot

About 80 percent of them went away, but the ones that stayed left a noticeable divot (like in the picture above).  The amazing part is that the resin cured just fine.

resin painting with cells

Despite the defects, I really like this painting.  The colors swirls and cells come together in a way I really like.

Have you ever gotten water in your resin painting?  What were the results?


Read more about how this resin painting series got started.

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Love this color combination! Have never gotten water in my resin, but cat hair, yes! 🙂


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