Resin painting #103

You would think if you had success with a process using one set of colors, you could get it to work with another set of colors, right?  Yeah, you would think.

I wanted to try painting with a similar technique as painting 102, but with different colors.  I mixed six ounces of resin to cover a 12 inch square ceramic tile.  Next, I put 2/3 of an ounce into three cups and colored them with Resin Obsession opaque orange plus a smidge of yellow, Resin Obsession opaque orange with a smidge of red and 1/2 teaspoon Krylon gold metallic spray paint.  To the two orange-based colors, I added a drop of dimethicone.  The remaining resin was colored with Resin Obsession opaque white.

white orange resin

I started by covering the entire tile with white resin, then dripped orange resin on the white from a height of about 24 inches above the tile.  It didn’t give me an effect I liked.  I was hoping for large open cells in the orange resin as it spread out on the white resin, not the fuzzy edges I got.

orange red ribbons of resin painting

I continued painting by adding ribbons of color.  If I had stopped there, I probably would have been happier with the end result.

orange red gold resin painting

While I’m not crazy about using Krylon gold metallic spray paint in resin, I used it here because I was hoping to get the effect I get when using the silver paint.  I’m not sure why, but when I use colors with dimethicone and the silver paint, there is this weird effect where the silver color separates a bit and creates layers of silver color.  I had hoped the gold would do the same thing.  Sadly, it didn’t.


resin painting direct pour with paint

That gold paint is just awful.  The two shades of orange aren’t bad.

orange red resin painting with cells

I’m disappointed the gold didn’t work as I had hoped.  I think it would have created a really neat effect.


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ilene wight

I feel your pain! I hate it when I have colors picked out and a great plan only to see an unexpected result. I have had more success with powdered metal pigments than spray paint metallic. I purchased my powders on a trip to Venice and have not found anything comparable stateside. will let you know if I do.


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