Resin painting #97

I decided to try another week with dimethicone to get resin cells.  Resin painting #22 finally made its way to the top fo the pile for a do-over and I decided to work with those colors again for this painting.

I mixed seven ounces of resin.  I pulled 3/4 of an ounce out each and colored with Resin Obsession opaque white plus a drop of dimethicone and the other with Krylon gold metallic spray paint.  The remaining resin was split evenly and colored with Resin Obsession opaque magenta and opaque purple.

I used the purple and magenta to cover the entire tile in a direct pour.

purple and magenta resin

Once I covered the tile, I poured the white resin and gold resin.  I used a heat gun to push things around.


resin painting direct pour with cells

I didn’t start to like this painting until I put the heat gun to it.  That was essential to getting the white resin to open up.

resin painting detail white resin cells

This is another painting that I like better once I get up close to it.  I definitely think I improved upon the pattern this time using the same colors.


Do you over go over your old paintings?  Why?

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Missy B Gold

I love it but I am like you sometimes I will stand back looking at it and think i don’t know it needs something then i take out the heat gun to pop bubbles and it starts moving around and im like o thats what it neeeded then I like it after lol but thank you for sharing its beautiful although I wish I could do a ton more but I live on 725 a month im disabled and my husband of 32 years abandoned me about 3 years ago and its really tough trying to pay bills and buy resin you know i just wished it would be cheaper but I know it takes alot to make it the way they do and its worth every penny I just don’t get to get any much you know have a wonderful day

Katherine Swift

Hi Missy, I’m sorry to hear things are so tough for you right now. I’m glad to hear you are staying involved with resin, even if it’s only looking at others’ work. I hope it keeps you inspired!


Question: do you remove the silicon later and do a transparent pour of resin over it? or do you leave it like it is?
I never managed to remove the silicon at the entire pouring. I tried starch, dishsoap, alcohol, benzine and caulk remover.


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