Resin painting techniques #74

Resin painting #74

I wanted to try another dirty (flip cup) pour this week.  Since I had good luck with my painting last week by using less color in the cup, I wanted to try another one.

I mixed six ounces of MasterCast resin.  Four and a half ounces of resin was put into one cup and colored with Resin Obsession opaque white and 4 drops of ResiBlast.  Half an ounce was colored with Resin Obsession opaque magenta, half an ounce with Resin Obsession opaque teal and half and ounce with a 1/2 teaspoon of Krylon metallic silver spray paint.

I assembled the pour cup with one and half ounces of the white resin, then all the magenta resin, another one and a half ounces of white resin, all of the teal resin, and ended with the rest of the white resin.  I held the cup and placed the tile upside down on it.  After settling it back on its stand, I lifted the cup.  Finally, I applied silver resin at the end as a direct pour.

resin painting dirty pour cup


Hmm.  Muddy at best.

resin painting flip cup dirty pour

I had hoped using a small amount of the colors would let the the white come through.  Apparently not.  The magenta and teal looked great when they first went on, but started blending within a couple of minutes.

You also aren’t imaging things about the edges of the tile being bare.  I didn’t want to pick up the tile to shift the resin as I wanted to see if that made a difference.  Apparently six ounces of resin isn’t enough to cover the tile without moving it.

Sadly, the silver didn’t help any either.  I think if I were to try this again, I would mix more white resin and the same amount of colors.  I would put half of the color in the dirty pour, then save half for applying directly at the end.  Maybe that would bring it all together?


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why don’t you try letting the resin set up a bit…get thicker, before layering your colors in the cup. This way they will tend to stay more separate while on the tile. Timing will be everything. Also, use more resin since the thicker resin won’t move as much.

Katherine Swift

Actually, it was pretty thick when I poured it. I do think pouring more resin at once is a good idea though. I think I will try that next.

Rebecca Turner

Unlike acrylic pouring, white is not going to drop to the bottom of your resin so putting it on top is going to leave it on top. Try reversing the order of your white and colors. The first thing you put in is the last thing to come out.

Katherine Swift

Actually, that’s not entirely true. Many white pigments, including the Resin Obsession white pigment are heavier and will drop in a painting. Maybe you also missed that I started with a large amount of white resin in the bottom of the cup, yet it still ended up beneath the other two colors on the painting?


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