Resin painting techniques #77

Resin paining #77

After creating the magic of last week’s painting, I wanted to try again with different colors.

I mixed six ounces of MasterCast resin.  Four and a half ounces of resin was put into one cup and colored with Resin Obsession opaque white.  The remaining one and a half ounces of resin were split into four cups, going heavy on three and a little lighter on the fourth.  The first three cups were colored with Resin Obsession opaque green, opaque teal and opaque yellow and the fourth cup with only a little bit of Krylon silver metallic paint and resin.

I covered the entire surface of a 12 inch square white ceramic tile with white resin.  In pouring the colors this time, I poured them from smaller size cups which helped me to get no extra (small) drips.

colored resin on a painting surface

Since the yellow was the lightest color, I put it on the tile first, followed by the green and teal.  Next (not shown), I drew the wooden stir stick through the resin like I did in last week’s painting.  I ended with some fine drizzles of the silver resin and drew the stick through again.


resin painting direct pour

I like how the silver spread out into a thin line, but left a ‘cloud’ on either side of it.  It’s funny when I used these colors previously, I wasn’t sure if I liked them together, but I do here.  I think the white is important to balancing things out.  I think I like the red and orange of last week’s painting better, but only because it’s darker.  I like the contrast of those colors with the white.  Several of you commented that last week’s painting was like a bouquet of poppies.  I think this one looks more like ginkgo leaves.

What do you think?


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