Resin painting techniques #79

Resin painting #79

I am liking this ‘wispy flower’ technique I have used over the last two weeks.  By drawing a stir stick through colors on wet resin, I’m able to create beautiful poppy flowers.  I wanted to try again with a dark background, but with a little ResiBlast at the end to add some lacing to the flowers.  I figured 1983 didn’t need this painting any more, so it will serve as my base.

I mixed six ounces of MasterCast resin.  Five ounces of resin was put into one cup and colored with Resin Obsession opaque black.   The remaining resin was split into three cups and colored with Resin Obsession opaque white, opaque purple, and ResiMetals gold lustre.

I covered the entire surface of the tile with black resin, then added drops of white and purple resin.  I drew my stick through the colors, then added gold lustre.  At the end, I used a toothbrush to flick warm Resiblast onto the painting surface with a toothbrush.  You can see what I did here:


I snapped this shot right before I walked away.  Unfortunately, it’s the only picture I have.  You can hear more about why here:



While I like this painting, it’s not what I was hoping for.  I wanted the same ‘poppy flowers’ but with a bit more lacing.  I think I will need to add resiblast directly to the colors and not from above the painting to get that effect.  On a technique note, it ended up very similar to painting #47, but without as much color.

Has anyone every ruined your resin setup?  (and you can comment on the painting too LOL)


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Denise Smith

Don’t despair! Every artist has a “drawer full of ugly”! It’s all part of the process – the journey. Without an occasional failure, you don’t learn new lessons and don’t progress.

María Pilar Pérez

De momento no he podido experimentar con esta técnica, tengo que buscar tiempo. Pero si puedo decir que setas, que metí en resina hace un año, se están oscureciendo, ¿ hay alguna manera de evitar esto??


All of my most precious life lessons have been through trial and error.
I think your project is awesome!!?
It looks like a spooky Halloween picture, very mystical.

Jim Clark

Hi Katherine,

I had a similar experience resulting from a different problem, but was able to salvage the project. I was making a table with a “river” through it and everything went fine in building levels of the river. However, on my third pour of Envirotex Light over the entire surface, the resin did not set up and remained tacky fo rover two weeks. Back to the drawing board. I was able to chisel the resin off half the table and repair over the entire surface with several coats and save many hours of work. If there were a way to post photos, I can show the disaster and the final result.


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