resin painting with a juicer

You should not expect anything exciting from this week’s painting.  I wanted to try a ‘juicer’ to apply the resin, so I didn’t make anything really complicated.

Uh juicer?  I thought water wasn’t good for resin. 

resin painting supplies

It’s not, but I found this dandy plastic juicer at the dollar store and thought I would give it a try.

Resin formula

I mixed 6 ounces of resin.  I poured off approximately 3/4 of an ounce into two cups and colored them with Resin Obsession orchid plus a smidge of white and Resin Obsession orchid plus a smidge of black.  Each of those colors got a drop of dimethicone.  The remaining resin was colored with Resin Obsession opaque white.

I covered the tile with the white resin, then placed the juicer in the resin.  I applied the colors through the juicer in three different places.  You can see in this video:

Technical note — the video gets a little shaky for the second half.  My cell phone on the tripod stand ran out of battery halfway through the process.  I had to talk my husband into standing on a step stool to video the second part of the pour with my iPad.  


pink magenta resin painting

Not a very imaginative painting, but I accomplished what I wanted to.  It was a chance to understand how and if a juicer can be useful in applying resin to a painting.

The design I like the best is at the lower right.  You can vaguely see some of the separate ridges.  This application got the least amount of colored resin.  I think that will be the trick to keeping some neat edges.

After I finished painting, I left the juicer to drip resin off into a silicone cup.  The remaining resin on the plastic after curing was in a thin enough film that I could peel it off.  Now it’s ready for another use.

What has been your experience resin painting with a juicer?  or colander, sieve, etc.?


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