Resin painting 112

I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but this isn’t exactly the picture I had in my head about how this painting would turn out.  I think that’s one of our problems as artists in why we can’t (or at least I can’t) appreciate our own work sometimes.  More on this in a minute.

Resin formula

I mixed 7 ounces of resin.  One ounce I colored with Resin Obsession opaque teal plus a large drop of dimethicone, and one ounce I colored with a teaspoon of Krylon metallic silver foil paint.  I split the remaining resin between two cups and colored them with Resin Obsession opaque black and opaque white.

black and white resin

After putting white resin on one half of a 12 inch square white ceramic tile, I covered the other half with black resin.

black white and silver resin

I applied silver resin at the junction between the white and black resin.

black white silver turquoise resin

As the silver resin moved over the white, I applied teal resin on the other side covering the black.  Using a heat gun, I pushed the resin around to produce more cells.  The silver resin moved faster than the teal resin.  While I used the heat gun to push the teal resin towards the edge, I used it the exact opposite way with the silver resin.  I had to push it back towards the center to keep the painting looking even.


turquoise black silver white resin painting

I think I got a nice turquoise black silver white resin painting.  I had hoped the teal and silver resin would be thin ribbons going from one side to the other.  That didn’t happen, but I ended up liking this painting.  It looks like an angry ocean.

cells in resin painting

I love the cells in this painting — both in the white and the turquoise.

silver detail resin painting

I like how some of the pigment from the silver foil paint floats to the top.  I wish I could get that to happen with the other Krylon metallic paints.

What has been your experience when a painting doesn’t turn out the way you were expecting.  Is it usually better or worse than you envisioned?


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ilene wight

I like it, but then about half of my resin art is beach/water related. What resin did you use for this painting?

Ruth Balster

This is awesome – love it!!! I really want to try resin painting!


This turned out nicely. First name that came to me from the first image was Pearl Jam. It had an opaque pearl essence in the white and gray areas that flowed against the more chaotic teal traffic jam next to it.


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