Resin painting #109

I wish I had an amazing story for this week’s painting, but it’s really pretty straightforward.  I knew I wanted to use black, then flipped a coin to decide on the center color, which ended up being the Resin Obsession orchid.

Resin forumla

The painting base is a new 12 inch square white ceramic tile.  I mixed seven ounces and split it amongst four cups.  The first cup got about half the resin and was colored with Resin Obsession opaque black.  The next cup got about 1 1/2 ounces and was colored orchid.  The last two cups were filled with 3/4 and ounce of resin.  One was colored with Resin Obsession opaque white and one drop of dimethicone and the other with Krylon silver metallic spray paint.

black pink resin

I poured the resin on the tile was immediately surprised with how much lighter the orchid resin looks with the white tile behind it.  If I were to do this on a canvas or artboard, I would definitely paint the surface a similar color before pouring the resin.

white black pink resin with cells

I added the white resin on top, then finished with the silver resin.  I used a heat gun to push the resin around and accentuate cell formation.


painting 109

I like this painting better than I thought I would.  In fact, when I first left it, I didn’t care for it, but felt much better about it when I came back the next day.

resin painting detail black white silver pink

Does anyone else get on top of their paintings to enjoy them?

resin painting cell details

There are so many fine details in this painting that I can’t enjoy when I’m only a few inches away.

Do you like viewing your resin paintings closeup?


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I like this painting. The colors blend nicely. When I get the guts to try a resin pour, this is the one that I will try.

eileen farrell

Katherine, I saw a video where metallic silver spray paint was put into a cup and resi-blast was added. This mix was then placed into a spray bottle. Very interesting results.

Katherine Swift

I bet is was! It’s been my experience that ResiBlast (along with other dispersion agents) are a little crabby when it comes to putting them through a spray bottle. Did they happen to mention the particular brand of bottle? I have had a hard time with them clogging easily.

cathy farrell

I did a pour recently and added my resin to my paint mix. The problem I’m having is that I have some areas that are still wet from the resin, and it leaves a sticky or tacky area. How do I fix that. Need help.

Katherine Swift

It might be that the paint attracted too much water to the resin which is keeping it from curing completely. You will need to recoat with a fresh layer of resin.


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