Best resin coaster molds – 5 easy resin coaster projects

Best resin coaster mold projectsIf you’re looking for a fun resin project to try, look no further than crafting resin coasters. You can customize them to suit your taste and style, not to mention they make great gifts. The hardest part is deciding what you are going to make first! Here are the best resin coaster molds to get you into your first or next creative resin idea.

Geode coaster mold

resin art geode coasters

Geode resin coasters are so popular right now! Using a geode coaster mold, you can create the look of natural gemstone geode slices with epoxy resin. All you need to do is add the resin in rings of color, allowing it to blend at the edges. Then, add stones that give the look of a geode gemstone texture. This resin geode coaster tutorial shows you how.

Round resin coaster mold with raised edge

silicone coaster mold for resinWhy not create something more abstract using resin and alcohol inks? Alternate dripping white and colored alcohol inks for resin into liquid resin and watch some fantastic patterns happen. Use this round silicone coaster mold to do it, and you will create a resin coaster with a raised edge to keep beads of moisture on your coaster, not your table.

Three cavity silicone coaster mold

pouring yellow resin into a silicone coaster mold

What do you do when you want to knock out a bunch of resin coasters at once? This three cavity resin coaster mold is excellent for creating coaster sets in a hurry. You can also make coasters in a thick pour; each mold cavity holds three ounces of resin! See how to use them to make resin and wood coasters.

Four-part silicone geode coaster mold

geode coaster moldHow many times have you been stuck for a last-minute gift? A coaster set can be your ‘one size fits all’ go-to gift! This four-part geode silicone coaster mold makes it easy. Treat the four pieces as one large mold as you add ribbons of colored resin plus stones. See how in this resin coaster project.

Flower silicone coaster mold

flower resin coaster

Sometimes, you need a coaster mold that can be used to make more than one kind of resin project. This flower resin coaster mold can make she-shed coasters or serve as a favorite tchotchkes trinket dish. The shape doesn’t mean you have to use flowers, but it’s so easy to do so! It all starts by using clear epoxy resin and dried flowers. Just check out this flower resin coaster DIY.

Of course, if you are stuck for resin coaster ideas, check out the Resin Obsession store for more of our customer’s favorite resin coaster molds.

What are my best tips when using resin coaster molds?

Be sure to use a casting resin. Why? Casting resins are meant to be poured into open spaces, like mold cavities. They mix in a thin formula, allowing bubbles to quickly escape to the resin surface, where you can pop them with a heat gun.

Casting resins also work best in your coaster molds because they cure harder—no flimsy or bendy resin here. Your coasters will keep their shape.

If all this is new to you, here are more details about how to use resin casting molds.

Now that you have the best ideas for the resin coaster molds, how do you take care of them?

When you aren’t using your molds to make resin coasters, make sure to store them flat. Keep them dry and away from heat or sunlight. You want them to hold their shape for the next time you make resin coasters. There are a few other things you should make sure to do too. Here are some of my other tips on how to care for resin molds.

Ready to take on more besides resin coaster projects but unsure where to start?

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