How do I know when my resin is mixed – resin mixing

how do i know when my resin is mixedMaking sure your resin is thoroughly mixed before use is essential for complete resin curing. Otherwise, your resin may cure sticky, if at all.  So you may be asking yourself…

How do I know when my resin is completely mixed?

Before we get into that, you have to pay attention to your resin and hardener. When your first mix the two parts together, you should see they look cloudy or wavy. This is normal. You should notice, however, that the more you mix, the closer the mixture gets to clear.

How long does it take for resin to mix completely?

It depends on several factors, like how much resin you are mixing and the temperature of your resin. An excellent place to start is with your resin’s pot time. Ten percent of that value will give you a ballpark estimate of how long you can expect it to take for you to mix your resin. For example, a resin with a pot time of 30 minutes will take about 3 minutes to mix together. Of course, this number is just an estimate and can move up or down depending on the total volume you are mixing.

What happens if I’m at the end of the mixing time, and my resin hasn’t gone clear?

Cloudy resin can happen for several reasons. You can learn more about that here: why is my resin cloudy?

I thought my resin was completely mixed, but when I check a couple of days later, I have sticky spots. What’s going on?

This most likely explanation here is that you did an excellent job of mixing the resin and hardener in the center of your cup, but neglected to scrape the edges of your container and mixing utensil during the mixing process. This unmixed resin keeps your project sticky. Of course, there are other reasons, which I talk about here: why is my resin sticky?

What else can you do to make sure your resin is completely mixed?

Pull out your smartphone and set a timer. It’s always good to be mindful when working with resin to make sure you get the results you want. A timer not only helps make sure you spend enough time mixing your resin, but it’s also great for reminding you when your resin’s pot time is almost up. You want to use your resin before it starts hardening in your cup!


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  1. I don’t understand this resin I hit that uses drops for hardener. Says per 1/8 but done at say how big. Very confusing. I haven’t used it yet. Got it at Micheal’s.

  2. Thank you so much! This has helped me a lot!! I know to cast outside and to use for my big projects. Like my chest board and a serving tray. I will let ya know how they come out. You ROCK! Biggest fan from Texas m, debs

  3. I resined a bunch of painted rocks and dried them on a wired rack 🙁 needless to say some of them stuckbto the rack and some of the paint came off the back. My question, what do you dry resin rocks on?

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