How long does it take resin to dry? – Resin drying time

Resin cure times explainedIf you are asking yourself how long does it take resin to dry, I’m sorry to say there isn’t a one size fits all answer.

How long it takes resin to dry is also known as the cure time.

Cure times vary between resins. This information will be included with your resin kit instructions. You shouldn’t have to guess on the cure time of your resin. If you cannot locate that information or don’t understand it, contact the manufacturer for technical support. For resins sold in the Resin Obsession store, we have all the information in a handy downloadable PDF for you in this article: resin casting kit choices

This article details more of the commonly used resin crafting terms.

If you are still asking how long does it take resin to dry, here are some general guidelines:

Many epoxies will be dry to the touch within 24 hours of mixing and pouring. It still may take more time for it to fully harden and cure, but you can handle your project at this point if you are careful. It can dent or scratch if you aren’t gentle enough. Exceptions to this are if you are using a slow-curing epoxy, which could take 48 to 72 hours to be touchable.

There are such things as quick-curing resins. These are usually polyurethane resins that can cure within minutes to an hour or two. Quick-curing resins are better suited for those already skilled in resin. I don’t recommend these resins for beginners.

Polyester resins are generally touchable in about 12 hours. Silicone resins vary widely, but twenty-four hours post mixing and pouring should cover it.

So, what happens if it’s past the cure time of your resin and it hasn’t dried or cured? It could be a number of things. Here are twelve reasons why your resin didn’t cure.

So, what if the resin dried, but it dried sticky? What happens most commonly when the resin didn’t get measured accurately or mixed properly. The good news is that this is likely a fixable problem. This article details more: how to fix sticky resin


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7 thoughts on “How long does it take resin to dry? – Resin drying time

    1. 60g or 200g is the amount of resin in the bottle. g represents grams so therefore one is a 60 grams bottle and the other is a 200 grams bottle

  1. Hey so my resin seems to be done and it’s been about 10 hours, it’s amazing clear cast and on the edges if I put hard enough it kinda moves but other than that it seems sturdy

    1. Hi Kaydence, it sounds like you need to give it more time. The amazing clear cast resin needs 24 hours for a 90 percent cure. Allow 7 days for a full cure.

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