How to get uncured resin out of a mold

Remove resin stuck in a moldYou have created the perfect resin casting, or at least you thought you did. You try to demold your resin hours to days later only to find you have a sticky, uncured mess. Now what? How are you going to get uncured resin out of your mold?

Here are a few of my favorite resin tricks to help you get your resin unstuck.

Add soapy water

The best-case scenario is that your resin isn’t stuck at all. It might be that the resin is simply hard to demold and needs a little help. All you need to do is add soapy water to the mold, then squish it around while working the resin out of the mold. This makes the resin slippery and easier to release from the mold.

Put the mold in the freezer

If the resin is partially cured, you can put it in your freezer for at least ten minutes, but as long as an hour. Then, remove the mold and try demolding again. You can even slap the mold on a hard surface to break the bond between the mold and the resin. With any luck, your resin will pop out.

Put the mold in a hot water bath

Create a very hot water bath and set the mold in the bath for five to ten minutes. The heat might give the silicone a chance to expand, releasing the resin.

If the above options don’t work, I’m afraid I don’t have good news for you. At this point, you need to proceed with the idea that your mold isn’t going to be salvageable as you try to remove the uncured resin.

Add more resin

If you have enough room in your mold, you can try adding another layer of well-mixed resin to what is already in the mold. The new resin should bond to the old resin and will pull out some of the uncured resin when you demold. You may need to try this several times to remove all the resin.

Note: It’s essential at this point that you understand why your resin didn’t cure, so you’re not adding more resin to the mold that’s going to stay sticky.

Apply heat

You can apply light heat to a silicone mold with a heat gun while peeling the mold away from the resin. Unfortunately, this can make the resin stick to the mold even more in places, causing it to tear. You may have to work bits and pieces of silicone away from your cured resin.

Soak and scrape

This is the last-ditch effort to get uncured resin out of molds. You can soak the resin-filled mold in acetone, then chip and scrape away at the softened resin. However, I’ve found this method to be quite tedious, and it usually ends up destroying the mold.

What has been your experience when you try to get uncured resin out of a mold?

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