How to use a heat gun with resin

how to use a heat gun with resinIf you hate bubbles in resin as I do (okay, let’s get real. Who likes bubbles in resin??), then you are going to love this article where I show you how to use a heat gun to remove bubbles in resin.

There are three reasons why I like to use a heat gun to help me pop air bubbles.

It’s safer than a propane torch or lighter

Because the heat gun doesn’t have a flame, it’s less likely you will set something on fire.  This is especially important if you are using solvents like acetone and alcohol in your work, which are very flammable.

Heat guns can produce a lot of heat with very little air ‘force’

This is in contrast to something like a hairdryer.  If you were to use a hairdryer to go over your resin surface, you’re going to blow resin everywhere before you ever have a chance to get the bubbles out.

Heat guns can help make cells in resin art

For those of you who like to create resin art, heat guns can help you produce cells in your resin paintings.   It can push resin over the surface of your painting substrate so you can create some unique effects.

Before I explain to you how to use a heat gun with resin, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind.

The tip of the heat gun gets very hot

You don’t want to touch the end after using it because you can burn yourself.

Use the kickstand on the heat gun

Because the heat gun end can burn or warp a table or a surface, you want to be sure the heat gun end doesn’t rest on something that can be damaged.

Be mindful of touching the heat gun

Wipe your hands thoroughly before grabbing your heat gun. Resin from your gloves will get it sticky, and it will be hard to get off later.  Go over the surface of your heat gun with a baby wipe before putting it away to make sure it’s clean.

How do you use a heat gun to remove bubbles from resin?

Step 1

Keep your heat gun about 2 inches from the resin surface.  Go over your surface in a back-and-forth or circular motion.  You should see bubbles pop.

Step 2

For stubborn bubbles, you can get a little closer and move the heat gun quickly to jiggle the bubbles and get them to pop.  This works well for me when the bubbles are in corners or tight spots.

Step 3

If you are using a heat gun to make cells in resin art, you will want to get the heat gun closer to your artwork surface, so it pushes the resin.  The closer you get the gun to the surface, the more you are going to move the resin.

What else should you know about how to use a heat gun with resin?

The heat of the heat gun adds to the temperature of the resin.

You may have noticed that when mixing resin and hardener, the mixture gets hot.  This is important because this heat is what makes the mixture cure.  Unfortunately, though, there is too much of a good thing.  A resin that gets too hot will cure too quickly and be unusable.  Keep your heat gun moving, so you don’t apply too much heat to one spot.

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A heat gun can warp or melt plastic molds

Applying too much heat to plastic resin molds will make them warp and then unusable.

A heat gun will only remove surface bubbles

A heat gun is great at getting surface resin bubbles, but it’s not going to get ones at the bottom of your mold or spread throughout the resin.  Using a heat gun is only one step in handling bubbles.  Here are ten of my best tips for getting rid of bubbles in resin.

If you are ready to buy a heat gun for resin, here’s the one I recommend:

Want more help?  Here’s a video where I show you how to use a heat gun with resin.


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13 thoughts on “How to use a heat gun with resin

  1. I did resin two days ago. Some bubbles started to appear. Can I use a heat gun still to get rid of them?

    1. Hi Amanda, I’m afraid it’s likely that your resin has cured enough that a heat gun won’t work.

    1. You can Rebekah, but it only gets off the surface bubbles. If your bubbles are deep in your cup, the heat gun isn’t going to get those.

  2. My resin has tiny bubbles that didn’t appear until the heat gun did this. Seems the resin blistered from the beat gun, this was the top final coat going on an it clouded up and blisters over the etchings

  3. Can the heat gun be used on resin that’s sitting in a silicone mold? or can it only be used when pouring resin onto a surface?

    Will the heat be able to go through 0.5″ of silicone and pop bubbles without damaging the mold?
    Most of my resin projects I don’t actually see the resin when it’s in the mold.

    1. Hi Max, heat guns only work to remove surface bubbles. I’m afraid it won’t penetrate a silicone mold enough to make an impact on trapped bubbles.

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