Resi-Blast FAQ

ResiBlast frequently asked questionsResi-Blast FAQ

What is resiblast made of?

It’s a blend of polymeric wetting agents and organic dispersants. The exact recipe is a trade secret.

How does it work?

It works through a repelling action as it is not meant to be added to any polymer resin and they try to escape each other as soon as they make contact…  They don’t make good bedfellows!

Does it work with any resin?

Yes but to a differing extent of effectiveness. Ideally it needs a medium viscosity, unfilled clear epoxy resin to maximize the effect.  The MasterCast resin was used as the default testing resin for the resi-blast development process.

When should I add it to the resin?

Immediately after laying the pigmented resin down.  The sooner the better as to ensure the resin is of low enough viscosity to move when exposed to the Resi-Blast.

Is it safe?

Yes, it’s completely safe.  It is odorless and has nothing aggressive, flammable or toxic in the formulation.

What should I expect when using Resi-Blast?

Because Resi-Blast is a disruption medium it is not absorbed into the resin and remains separate.  It is a single-part liquid therefore it doesn’t ever cure hard like resin.  As a result it will leave an oily residue on the surface after the resin has cured underneath.  It doesn’t interfere with the resin curing, but any excess will gravitate to the surface as a waxy layer.  You will need to wipe it all off with a dry cloth before attempting any further layers.  Generally the less tiny droplets you add, the less residue and the fewer holes or dimples it will leave on the pigmented resin.  Using it on canvas leaves those dimples but using it on a stiffer surface like wood, mdf, aluminium dibond etc will ensure it remains flat and level without creating those dimples.

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Liz halim

I would like to get some of this brand of resin. Please let me know how I can get it sent to me.


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