Resin buying guide – your guide to selecting a resin

How to choose a resin

When it comes to buying resin, there are so many choices!  How do you know which resin is right for you?  There is no one size fits all resin!  What may work for one project may be unsuitable for the next.

If you are new to resin and want someone to guide you buying the right resin, let us help!  Our handy resin buying guide will direct you on choosing the right resin for what you want to make.

resin buying guide

Click here to get the guide.

Here are some other things about buying resin that you should know as you go through this guide to ensure you have resin success:

1.  Resin has its own language.  Here is a link to common resin crafting terms.

2.  Resin requires warmth in order to cure properly.  Here’s some advice on what temperature you should be mixing your resin.

3.  Exact measuring and proper mixing are essential to resin success.  Here’s how to mix resin and hardener in five easy steps.

4.  Each resin has its own directions.  Follow them carefully.

5.  Dispose of mixed and unmixed resin properly.  Here are some tips on how to dispose of resin.

Want some live training on choosing a resin for your next project?  Pull up a chair and get ready to take some notes.

Need some resin project inspiration to help you too?  We got you!  Here are some of most popular articles that will have your mind swirling with all kinds of resin projects you can make!

Resin coasters with flowers

flowers in resin

Preserve summer in resin while keeping your beverage stylish!  Make a resin coaster with flowers.

Cover a photo collage with resin

photo collage board project

What do you get someone who has everything?  You create a photo collage board of some of their favorite memories, then coat it with resin.  These make great Mother’s Day DIY gifts!

Ladies’ night craft ideas

group art projects for adults

Got a night to spend with your girlfriends?  Then why not include some resin?  Resin crafts are a fun and relaxing way to spend an evening with your friends.  Here are five crafting ideas for girls’ night.

Once you’re ready to buy a resin, Resin Obsession can help you with resin for your jewelry, art and crafting needs.  Buy resin here.

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216 thoughts on “Resin buying guide – your guide to selecting a resin

  1. I am so addicted to creating with resin! Thanks so much for the download. Good to have whether you’re a pro or just starting out. 🙂

      1. Hi, I’m looking to cast a dried rose and I’m unsure which resin to use; would you recommend your Deep pour casting resin, polyester casting resin, or another type?
        I have a roughly 3inch silicone sphere mould and would like the finished product to be clear.

          1. Hi. Can I use polyester casting resin to embed a slab of wood to make a table? I am relatively new to resin, but would love some more info please? I cannot buy epoxy resin so I asked around and was told my next best bet would be casting resin. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much.

          2. Hi Garth, polyester resin shrinks too much when curing. It will pull away from your wood.

    1. What resin should I use to waterproof the inside of a bird bath? It needs to be ultra clear to show the detail of the bowl and it needs UV protection being outdoors. Plus, because of the birds drinking the water it must have the FDA designation. Many thanks for your help.

          1. Hi please be kind enough to tell me which resin
            Is to be used for 1) coasters (hot and cold drinks), and also for a trivet. I see articles on making coasters but clearly they must be able to withstand the heat – – and the trivet, even hotter
            Thank you !!

        1. I would love to know this, too!! Can you add to your pdf of choices (which is great, by the way!!) the max temperature each one can withstand???

          Thank you!

      1. Here is an odd one! I have a kaleidoscope that has the oil inside which has gone dark. The maker no longer does this work. I want to drill a hole, clean the interior and then fill the hole of this plastic like tube. Do you think resin could work? I would turn the tube so the air bubble is near the opening to not have oil touch the resin for curing. THANKS!!!

      2. Resin comes in two parts. Is it called resin after it’s mixed or is it resin after the hardener is added? Why do I see people pouring color into what looks like “just” the resin.

        1. Hi Gail, it does get kinda confusing, doesn’t it? In a two-part resin kit, the Part A bottle is called resin the Part B bottle is called hardener. Many people including myself, call using both bottles, ‘using resin’.

    1. Hi K .Like the other lady. I’ve just started using polished gems in geodes & acrylic paintings.Is there a persificant Resin I should be using .Have just ordered resin from you guys for acrylic paintings . Have to say this is the best forum ever.Thank you

  2. I have a piece of driftwood with a deep indentation. I want to use resin and suspend pieces of beach glass in it. I want the resin the be clear so that the glass colors show well. the indentation would hold approximately six to eight ounces. Would this work and what resin would you recommend? I read somewhere that resin shrinks. I would want to resin the stay in as this would be hung on a wall. Wow! That was a lot of info. I won’t even mention the LED lights I was considering putting in the resin…….

      1. I keep trying to click on the link but it won’t direct me to it. I have a similar project (wood filling) and have never worked with resin, but would absolutely love to get into it. Please help

          1. Link is not working. I have done some resin work, but it dried foggy, not crystal clear, so curious about clarity

          2. Which link are you having trouble with? We show they are both working. Do you have Adobe PDF reader installed on your computer?