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resin obsession super clear resin faqFrequently asked questions about Resin Obsession Super Clear Jewelry quality resin:

How do I mix super clear resin?

Mix 2 parts of resin (part A) to 1 part of hardener (part B) by volume.

Is there a minimum of resin I have to mix?

You need to mix a minimum of 10 milliliters of Part A (resin) to 5 milliliters of Part B (hardener), for a total of 15 milliliters (1/2 ounce) in order to get the proper chemical reaction and hardening to occur.

Are there any special mixing instructions?

Mix no more than 3 ounces total (of Part A plus Part B) at once, otherwise, the resin may overheat and cure quickly.  Be sure to also scrape the sides of your cup and stir stix while mixing.

Do I have to use special mixing utensils to mix super clear resin?

We highly recommend using mixing cups designed for resin, which have graduated measure marks on the side to make sure you can measure resin and hardener precisely.  We cannot guarantee positive results using styrofoam cups, party cups, water bottles, and the like.

How long does it take for Super Clear resin to harden?

You can usually demold your project in 8 hours.  Allow 24 hours for a 90 percent cure.

Thin castings may take up to three days to cure.

How long do I have to work with Super Clear resin once it’s mixed?

You have approximately 25 minutes to work with the resin (pot time) before it starts to thicken as it cures.

Can I store mixed resin and hardener for use later?

No, once your two parts are mixed, you must use it.

What is the shelf life of unmixed Super Clear Resin?

Use your super clear resin kit within 1 year.  After 1 year, the hardener (Part B) component may start to turn amber, however, it will continue to work with the resin (Part A) provided it has been properly stored.

Will Resin Obsession Super Clear resin stay crystal clear with time?

Yes, our jewelry quality resin will remain clear for many years with proper care.

Can I use super clear resin with my molds?

Yes, it will work very well!

Is super clear resin suitable as a doming resin?

No, this resin should only be used to fill cavities with ‘sides’, such as bezels, molds, etc.  If you want to have a domed finish on jewelry bezel projects, then you should use the Resin Obsession crystal doming resin.

How is super clear resin different from other resins on the market?

The super clear resin has UV protectants to help it be as crystal clear as possible for many years.  It also mixes in a thin viscosity such that bubbles are almost never a problem after mixing.

What is the chemical composition of Resin Obsession super clear resin?

The super clear resin is a jewelry quality, epoxy resin.  An SDS of the resin and hardener can be found in our SDS safety section.

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115 thoughts on “Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin FAQ

  1. It’s possible to use Resin for pendant with family photos ? what kind of paper I can put in the mold and what kind of resin is better ?
    Thanks a lot for your answer

  2. Sarah,

    Yes, it does get harder than easy cast, but in general, I don’t know that any epoxy resin is generally suitable for rings since epoxies are ‘softer’. For rings, you may want to consider polyester or polyurethane resin.

  3. Hello, I am an MFA Ceramics student at Alfred University, and I am hoping to cast quart containers with little bits of clay dust and pieces of wood from my studio. The quart containers are 5.5″ tall. Is it possible to just pour the resin in and move it around, without casting separate layers? Also, will the resin be able to cast that thick? I need to purchase at least one of the gallon size kits and want to make sure before I order this, it is what I need. Also, is the two weeks plus shipping standard, or is there expedited processing?
    Thank you!

  4. Brian, are you trying to cast the entire 5.5″ vessel? I’m not sure why you want to ‘move the resin around’. I would advise to experiment first with the resin and your wood/clay, because resin hates moisture. You will want to make sure the wood and clay are completely dry first. Two weeks is standard for the large size resins. It usually comes faster, but two weeks is what we tell you to expect.

  5. I have made small color pieces to insert the clear resin. Both items I been working easy clear cast. Could I use these color pieces in your super clear resin

  6. @Amanda,

    If you have made your colored pieces with Easy Cast resin, and they have completely cured, they should be fine to use as embedments in our super clear resin.

  7. Please tell me if I can use this type of resin to put into an aluminum mold or a plastic mold that is approx 3 by 5 inches. I have different shapes- or a small pie pan. Is there a limit to how much you can mix? I know with easy cast it says to not mix more than 6 oz at a time, which is only good for jewelry or very small molds. It also says that it might stick into a mold not specifically made for that product, which so far i think its true. i want to make something a little bigger, but not huge. i do not want to ruin my molds, but I prefer a low odor product. Please help.

    1. Would this resin work for a sea scape where you pour the resin on clear glass then place sea shells, sea glass etc.on top of it?

  8. @Lisa,
    For the Resin Obsession super clear resin, I only recommend mixing 3 ounces at a time. The resin heats up and mixing up more than that at once can cause it to cure very quickly. It definitely is a low odor product and works well with molds designed for resin.

  9. I have been working with Easy Cast Resin and I have to put in a pot of warm water to get warm. (like the directions said). Do I have to do the same with Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin or can I use strait from the bottle. Working up a list to order from your web site, how does the Envirotex Jewelry resin work in compare these other two resin. Thank you, A

  10. @Amanda,

    As long as your Super Clear resin is at room temperature (68 to 72 degrees F), you won’t need to warm it up further before using it.

    The Envirotex jewelry resin is designed for bezels and meant to be used in thin pours (1/8″ or less). It also works well for doming. The Super Clear resin can be poured in thicker layers, but is designed for molds. It is also not suitable for doming.

  11. Good morning – I would like to use a crystal clear or super clear resin but it MUST NOT BE UV RESISTANT. Can you recommend a product?

  12. @Audry,

    I would suggest finding a lower grade resin (not jewelry quality) used in the commercial industry. For example, a general epoxy resin used for its adhesive properties might be a good choice. You can probably find something like this at a hardware store.

  13. Hi Katherine, I am going to glue sea glass and shells to old windows and then I would like to cover it all with resin. The windows will be outside. Is this the correct product I would want?
    Thank you!

  14. @LeeAnne,

    I haven’t tested this resin for that purpose outside. I would suggest doing a small test piece first and see how it does in the sun/rain. You might also want to consider the Envirotex Lite resin. It’s good for doing thin layers like this.

  15. I am needing a resin I can use to pour a single casting in molds that are approximately 1 1/2″ x 3″. Will your resin work for this or can you suggest a product?

  16. @Angie,

    This resin works very well in molds, but we only recommend mixing no more than 3 ounces total at a time because of the heat produced. You would need to mix more than that to fill you mold with only one pour.

  17. I would like to make a paperweight with an aluminum bottle cap embedment (from a Jones bottle). Is this a good product to use for that purpose? Can I use something like a Petrie dish as a mold? Do I need to use a mold release product? I have never used resin and this will be a keepsake; I want to get it right 🙂

  18. I am about to start making coasters and paperweights and embed origami art into them. I have a few questions before purchasing.

    1. It says the recommended size to mix at a time is 3oz. Can you mix and pour additional over what is already placed in the mold?

    2. Does this dry solid and waterproof? What I mean is, some resins are still tacky after they cure.

    3. Will I need to polish and use a sealant after it has cured?

    4. Can this be poured into silicon molds?

    Thanks in advance for you help.

  19. Hi,
    If I want to dip charms in it, how long should I wait for the resin to thicken before working with it?
    And is the resin self-leveling if I want to paint on a coating?

  20. Hello Katherine! I wish to make my own eyes for my dolls- how well does paint stick to these? Will I need to add a sealant after painting? I will be making a half sphere with the resin and paint the backs. Ive been looking for the perfect clear resin for years!

  21. It says that the resin will remain clear for many years, do you know approximately how many? I know there are many factors that can effect this, but are we talking 25 years or 5 years?

  22. It says that the resin will remain clear for many years, do you know approximately how many? I know there are many factors that can effect this, but are we talking 25 years or 5 years?

  23. @Teresa, I would say 5 years is reasonable, but if it’s handled properly, longer wouldn’t be out of the question.

  24. @Brittany, yes, acrylic paint should adhere fine to cured resin. I would recommend a sealant once it has dried to keep it from chipping.

  25. I would like to be able to embed color slides or small photo negatives into the resin bracelet…may I do this this without any other prep to the negatives or slides prior to embedding into Super Clear?

  26. @Pamela,

    The should be fine to add to resin without sealing them first. If you’re not sure, ask yourself whether or not getting them wet would impact how they look. If the answer is yes, they you need to seal first.

  27. Hi Katherine! I’m trying to decide which resin(s) I should buy. I have a few questions. 1) I am a science teacher and would like to embed specimens. These could be anything from insects to small snakes to even small mammals like mice. Would the resin preserve the animal for a while or would the natural breakdown of the animal destroy the resin? Would this super clear resin work? I’d hope to get a couple of years or so out of these castings.

    2) I would also like to make sphere jewelry and am looking to purchase these molds only I am worried they won’t come out perfectly round. I don’t want to do two halves because I don’t want the seam. Can you suggest where to purchase molds that would allow me to create perfect spheres, but also be able to embed into them? Would your super clear resin work for this? Also, suggestions for the best way to attach the necklace or earring attachment piece and where to purchase these?

  28. @Brittany, I don’t have any experience putting animal specimens in resin. Since resin hates moisture, I would suggest preserving the animal in alcohol (or something similar) before using in the resin. As for the molds, the link leads to a soap mold. Those generally don’t work for resin. If you can be patient (hint!), there may be some molds to meet your needs on resin obsession very soon!

  29. I’m looking for a clear non-toxic resin or lacquer that I can paint a thin coat onto a glass wine bottle to preserve and waterproof the label. Will this product work for that?

  30. @alaa, we only recommend mixing 3 ounces at a time. You will have to pour in multiple layers. Once one layer is semi solid or gelled, you can pour the next layer.

  31. Okay, i rrad a fee comments asking if this resin can be used for more than 3 oz. Not recommended was clear. But how or what can i use that can fill a bigger mold? I want a hand sized heart mold with this super clear resin. Will i have to dry 3oz at a time until it is full? How can i go about this. And how much time should i wait between each pouring. I am making a dry rose mold. Please help me. Thanks

  32. Hello, the instructions say that this needs to be put in a hot box at around 60C but I want to buy the plastic molds. Can I put the plastic molds in the hot box or will they warp?

  33. @Aleah, the resin doesn’t have to go in a hot box to cure, but can if you want it to cure faster. The plastic molds can handle temperatures to 150 degrees F.

  34. @Ren, if you wait for it to start to thicken before using it, you will probably have about 20 minutes to work with it while it is like honey.

  35. I can only use resin while it’s in the “Honey” stage (not watery but thicker like honey. (Not hard or gel) How long does this resin stay in this stage

  36. Could I use this resin in a deeper mold? Let’s say, for example, a spherical mold? I thought about purchasing the one listed on this site along with the resin. I want to make sure that it is doable first.

  37. Could you tell me when you will be getting more in stock?
    I love this resin and I won’t use anything else.
    Thank you

  38. Since this isn’t a doming resin, can you use a different brand of resin on top of your Super Clear Resin for doming purposes?

  39. @Shannon, if it’s another epoxy resin, you should be okay. I would test it on a couple of practice pieces first.

  40. @Stephanie, we don’t have any good options for a transparent pink color, but it is something we are working on. We hope to have a product that can do that in the next couple of months.

  41. You have a number of different kinds of colorants available. Which works best with the Super Clear Resin? My end goal is a transparent pink gem

  42. Hi i want to do floors on fotos what kind of sealer ad resent should i use. Dot know this products plz help. Thank you

  43. @Colet, I do not understand what you want to do. Are you looking for a resin that can coat a floor?

  44. I would like to make a glow in the dark watch case. I assume I’d mix the glow in the dark pigment at a 1-1 ratio with the resin, and then add the hardener? Do you think this would be a good resin for this project?

    1. With the glow powder we sell, we recommend using your desired resin at four parts mixed resin (resin + hardener) with one part powder.

  45. Hi there, is this resin is a non-toxic after cure? I make stuff for babies, and I don’t want anything to happen them in case they put it in their mouth… Thanks

      1. Hi Katherine!
        Thank you so much for your help!

        One more question regarding shipping costs, how much does it cost to send this recommended item to Israel?

  46. I saw in one of your older videos that Superclear can be sanded and buffed without worrying about it melting. I am planning on creating spherical paperweights but I’ll be using a two piece mold. I need to make sure I’ll be able to sand and buff the seams off once they are cast.

  47. hi, I am looking to create the effect of a clear resin dripping globule down the face of some art on a canvas. Similar to how syrup would drip from a spoon and slide down a surface. I’m aiming to recreate this dripping effect but with a crystal clear result. I’m interested to know if you think this product would be able to create this affect? if not can have you any advice to help me out?

    1. Whether or not a resin casting has a glossy finish is dependent on the mold, not the resin. If you are using a mold that was made from a shiny template, then yes, it will have a glossy finish. If the surface doesn’t have a glossy finish, you can recoat with another layer of resin or a couple light layers of our resin gloss sealer spray.

      1. Ok, thanks! Yes I just got the circle coaster mold that is not glossy, so I will just have to put another coat on the one side. Thank you!

  48. Hi, would it work for me to make the resin mixture and pour it into the 5gram plastic container that I want to keep it in to cure? I won’t want to move it and I would not want it to be removable from the plastic pot after curing. Also can I add craft glitter to the resin before putting it into the pot?

    Hopefully my question makes sense . Thank you!

      1. Hi Katherine, no I’m hoping it’ll never budge, I’ve asked the manufacturer what kind of plastic they are made out of, I’m still waiting for response .

        1. If it isn’t flexible, the resin will likely stay. Some plastics, like the ones to mold candy, also don’t release resin well.

  49. what is the best resin to use on canvas and wood boards? And do you have to seal with a paint coat first?

  50. I’m looking for a clear resin to make my coasters, and also needs to be as heat resistance to take any hot drinks. What is the heat resistance of this resin? Which resin do you think would best suits my needs?

    1. This resin should work, although I don’t know if it can withstand a hot mug directly from the microwave.

      1. Thanks for you quick response Katherine, I don’t suppose you know the temperature it can withstand, it’s just it would be handy to know when doing my write up to sell them? Also, presume we are talking about the Super Clear Epoxy Resin?

        1. Unfortunately, I don’t have a specific temperature to recommend for you. Coffee poured in a cup, then placed on the coaster will probably do fine. A cup of coffee rewarmed in the microwave, so the mug is very hot as well, is not going to be heat safe. It would probably be worth you testing a few pieces before offering for sale.

  51. I have a question. So I bought a round mold, for like a paperweight. It’s about 4-5 inches in diameter, and it’s made from the same plastic most any resin mold is made from…that hard, opaquish plastic. It’s not a mold someone made. Twice now, I have made my resin, poured it into the mold, and disaster. My resin begins to bubble and foam a little inside the mold, and if you touch the mold, it is rather warm. By the time it’s done, it looks as if a small volcano was trying to erupt on the inside, and once it did ooze out on top with foam and bubbles dried in mid-eruption. I don’t ever heat up my resin in any way, so there’s that. But, the weirdest part, is that it cures completely in like 15 minutes. I have used 2 different popular resin brands, and have used the extra resin from both attempts to make a few little charms. The resin for the charms did exactly what they were supposed to, curing in 24 hours, no foam or bubbles, no heat. So, my only explanation is that it is the mold. Has anyone else had this problem? I bought this mold to make some nice paperweights but now I’m stuck…surely there is a way around this!!

    1. Let me add that my mold is a sphere. A ball, with just a small opening at the top. I realized that my description of the mold was not clear. Sorry!

    2. It sounds like your resin heated quickly and cured just as quickly. This can happen if you mix more than the manufacturer’s recommended mixing amount. What brand of resin are you using?

      1. I used both Easy Cast and Ice Resin. I thought maybe that was the problem, that I had mixed it incorrectly, but the charms I made from the same exact batch (both batches that I made) turned out perfect. I used the remaining resin for the sphere in the charm molds and there were no issues.

          1. Yes, I like to spray my molds with mold release. I spray good amount and then I let it completely dry before I pour my resin. The first time I tried my sphere mold, I used a dried flower inside. The second time I used it, I used nothing but clear resin. I wanted to see if it either the resin or the flower from my first attempt was the culprit, that’s why I switched resins. But I got the exact same results. I know this is weird, and is probably something little causing the problem. I just want to have a plan before I go using up more resin lol.

          2. Based upon what you are describing, one of two things is happening: 1. The resin is reacting with something. From the foaming you describe moisture of some kind is most likely. OR 2. The resin is heating up too quickly, causing the reaction you see. This can happen if you mix too much resin at once. The maximum amount of EasyCast to mix at once is 6 ounces, while it is 8 ounces for ICE resin. I suspect you may be mixing more than that to fill a half dome mold with a 4 to 5 inch diameter. Do you know much you are mixing at once?

          3. No not exactly but I’m sure it’s more than 6-8 oz…so what you’re saying is, because my resin is more than the recommended amount, it’s too much resin being mixed at once? So that it’s…it’s curing too quickly because I’m mixing too much? I didn’t realize it could do that. Thank you…I’m going to try that next time, mixing much less. And I am pretty sure my molds are dry as I let them sit for sometimes an hour or 2.

          4. You can still use the same mold and such, but you will have to mix less at once meaning you will likely have to do two to three pours in stages to fill your mold.

  52. Thank you! That does make sense. This is the first time I’ve ever mixed this much at once, so I had no idea this would be the result. I can definitely do the mold in stages. Thank you, thank you!!

  53. I’m trying to suspend glitter and small pieces of tissue paper in resin pendants, but I’m having trouble with some other resins I’ve tried because the paper sinks to the bottom no matter how small I cut it. Glitter sinks if it’s any larger than 0.04. Does your resin suspend things well, or is it going to be too thin? If it’s too thin what should I be using? I’ve tried SmoothOn EpoxAcast 690 and Annie Howe’s Luxe resin.

    1. Unfortunately, what you describe is a common challenge when using inclusions in resin. The super clear resin will give you the same results. Have you tried casting in layers?

  54. I just got some of your super clear resin and I’ve had fun with it so far! I do have a question that I haven’t been able to find a definitive answer to, though: can you mix the 2:1 parts by weight? So, for example, if I had 50g of part A could I then add 25g of part B?

    1. Hi Josie, yes, you can mix it that way, but you will use up the hardener faster. Should you find that you need extra hardener, get in touch with us and we can help you get more.

  55. Hello I am looking for a new resin for my jelwery. They are made out of pinecones, the resin I am using now is good, but with some people skin type it gets effected by the oil of their skin. I was wondering if you had any information if yours is resistant to that. Would it provide a durable coating for my piece? Stays hard over time and clear

    Cheers tristan

    1. Hi Tristan, I can’t say that I have heard about any problems with our resin causing skin reactions, but it’s a casting resin, so it’s not going to work well as a coating. Have you considered the Alumilite amazing clear cast epoxy? It’s a doming resin and mixes thicker. It’s what I would use in this case. You can find it in several sizes in our store here:

  56. Can a finished casting be shaped by sanding and brought back to a clear finished product (by using progressively higher grits)?

  57. Hello, Is this resin ok to use with a plastic model? I want to completely submerge a plastic model in resin to simulate water. I realize it will take several pours to do. If not, can you recommend a good resin for this? Thanks

  58. Can I used this product for making pen blanks to turn? Since I will need more than 3oz for the molds, how would I do that?

    1. Hi Steve, I have not tried this resin for making pen blanks. It cures very hard, so I would expect it to work, but I’m afraid you cannot mix and pour more than three ounces at once. If you need more than that, you will have to do multiple pours.

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