Why are there shipping restrictions on certain resin and resin items?

One of the frequently asked questions we get about buying from Resin Obsession is why there are shipping restrictions on certain items.  These items are considered a ‘hazardous material’ product and must be shipped according to very stringent guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Transporation.

ORM-DWhat is different about shipping a hazardous material product?

Certain items we carry can be considered consumer commodity ORM-D products.  Specifically, this means that it is a hazardous material that can be shipped in small quantities using a shipping service such as the post office or other commercial carrier such as UPS or FedEx for small scale consumer use.  To ship these to you, Resin Obsession shipping clerks must complete training and pass a third-party knowledge test on how to properly handle these items.

How are these items shipped?

We must properly label the outside of the box, which includes a blue ORM-D sticker plus any additional recommendations, such as ‘up’ arrow stickers, on the outside of the package.  These items can also only ship by ground methods, meaning it cannot travel by plane.  The ground shipping methods we offer are USPS parcel post and UPS ground shipping.

Why can’t these products ship by air?

Since aerosol cans are packaged under pressure, they may expand or contract during flight and can explode.  For the non-aerosol items, it is dependent on other factors, such as flash point of the item or whether or not it is considered corrosive.

Why can’t the aerosol cans ship by USPS?

The post office will not ship any package containing an aerosol can.

Read more about ORM-D products on Wikipedia.


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