10 Cheap ways to promote your art jewelry business

how to advertise your jewelry

Looking for inexpensive or free ways to market and advertise your resin jewelry?  Here’s a few suggestions:

1.  Wear it!  No one will wear it with more pride and joy than you will and that will shine through.  When people ask you “where did you get those earrings?”, you can respond with the best answer possible –I made them!

2.  Social media.  Of course it’s all the rage and this is why:  it’s free!  Pick a platform or two and regularly add to it.  You won’t see results right away, but stick with it regularly for at least 3 months then evaluate.

3.  Articles.  Does your local newspaper have an art or fashion column?  Submit an article or pitch an idea to the features editor for a guest submission.  (Hint:  this is a great online option as well)


4.  Speaking at local events.  Do you have a local Rotary group?  How about a 4-H club?  Senior citizens center?  Many of these groups are always on the look out for speakers.  Volunteer to spend a few minutes speaking about, showing pictures or demonstrating your craft.

5.  Build a team.  Is there someone or a business you know that you could partner with and do some cross promotion?  For example, perhaps you can set up with your local flower shop to offer your jewelry their gift baskets and you can hand out their cards (with a coupon) to your customers.

6.  Send out press releases.  Have you done something notable lately?  Let everyone know!  Send out a well written press release to local media.  With any luck, someone will request an interview.

7.  Have business cards with pictures of your work on them.  While it’s tempting to use the online print companies’ free templates for business cards, it’s not promoting YOUR jewelry.  For a few pennies per card more, you can include a picture of your jewelry on them.

8.  Work (creatively) with a local charity.  Donate a piece of jewelry to a worthy cause that needs items to auction or giveaway at their next event.  Better yet, offer to work with them on making something special for their cause that will be the center of attention.

9.  Referral program.  Work with your current customers (who already love your jewelry!) and ask them to help promote you to their friends and family.  Consider offering those who gave the referral a coupon towards their next purchase or a small gift of appreciation.

10. Participate in online forums.  Find a forum that you can connect with and (genuinely) participate.  Suggestions:  alumni groups, mom clubs, etc.

What else do you do to market your business on the cheap?


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Carolyn Osbourne

I just started my jewelry bus. So I need all the help I can get..lol I am so glad that your site popped up….Carolyn Osbourne. “beaded beauty”


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