16 sign ideas for your next jewelry craft fair booth

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After last week’s posts on 12 lessons learned from selling resin jewelry at art shows and craft fairs, a few of you emailed me about item number 2, signage. You wanted to know what signs I had or suggested.

Here’s my list of sign ideas for your next jewelry craft fair booth:


1. A banner hanging from the back or front of your booth (pros and cons both ways) with at least your name and/or business name. Include your logo if you have one or include a photograph of your work.

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2. Large photographic prints of your work hanging from the walls of your booth. You need something that can easily be seen from up to 30 feet away.

3. Price. Have the price for the jewelry close to it. For example, if you have two tables of jewelry, only have the price list for the jewelry onthat table. Having all prices on all sheets tends to get people confused.

4. How your jewelry is made. A quick bullet point list of some of your techniques is a great conversation piece.

5. Pictures of you making the jewelry. Pictures are awesome! I love having them on a board hanging from my booth or on an easel (at eye level of course). If you don’t have that option, you can put them in a photo album and refer to them when talking to customers.


6. Pictures of you in your studio. People also like to see pictures of you making your jewelry. It reassures them that they are purchasing something handmade.

7. How you pack and ship your jewelry. You hope to get call backs right? Not everyone is going to be able to pick up jewelry from you, or maybe your customers want it shipped as a gift. Show how you package your jewelry (gift bag, tissue paper, etc.) plus how you package it in the packing envelope or bag.

8. Any sale or show specials. Make sure you have things spelled out very clearly. In fact, I have someone else read it and recite back to me what they think the sale or special involves. You want to make sure you aren’t faced with an irate customer because she didn’t understand a certain line of jewelry wasn’t included or that returns weren’t accepted.

9. Social media connections. Let your shoppers know where they can find you on social media sites like twitter, facebook, google plus and pinterest.

10. Have a sign “suggesting” what people could do with your jewelry. For example, at the holidays, I put up a sign suggesting people have a few of my jewelry pieces on hand for last minute gifts or stocking stuffers. Also make suggestions about people they might want to have gifts on hand for, but haven’t thought about yet: teachers, babysitter, dog walker, etc.


11. Have QR codes. Have something that you want to share with customers, but maybe it’s a little too in depth for a sign? Have the option for shoppers to scan a QR code which will take them where you want them to go. This is great for your best blog posts, top sellers on your website or other upcoming shows.

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12. Customer testimonials. Shoppers like to have confidence in what they’re looking at. Hearing what other people say can be helpful (and persuasive!)

13. Any press you have received. Have you been featured in print or online? Include pictures with captions. Shoppers like to see that you have been recognized for your endeavors.

14. A sign pointing them to your email sign up list. Make sure this is displayed appropriately with a signup box (my preference) or your paper list.

15. Contest announcement. Are you running a contest for the show? Make sure you have a good sign with information about the contest, prize, and all the necessary disclaimers.

credit card reader

16.  A sign explaining the forms of payment you take.  Better yet, if you accept credit cards, have the logos prominently displayed.  This will let customers know without having to ask.


What other signs do you have in your booth?


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Phyllis C

Thanks for the tips. Signs are very important and I keep adding more signs in my displays

Renz Path

It is good that you shared with us some of your ideas about a jewelry craft fair booth like coming up with a quick bullet point how the jewelry was made. That is very helpful for those who are planning to have their jewelry displayed next expo trade in December. I will tell my friend about your article to give her ideas on what to do on that upcoming fair trade and will likely join her in search for more jewelry to add to her collection.


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