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I am preparing this week for my one and only art show this spring. I have been doing these for 12 years now and still find I need a week to get ready!  The jewelry has been made, but getting everything packed up is always such a chore for me.  A couple of years into doing the shows, I found the only way I could get it done — without forgetting something — was to make a checklist.  For those of you also thinking about doing craft fairs, I wanted to share my list with you to give you a place to start for planning your own event.

You may be wondering about a few of my items, so here are my notes:

Tent and display:

I like to use 25 pound fishing line to hang my banners on their hooks.  Yes, it’s probably overkill, but when the wind picks up or someone grabs onto it, I want to make sure the line isn’t going to break.

I like to take sand filled weights for my tent.  I used to take screw down ties only to find that many of the shows I went to wouldn’t let me use them, even if the festival was on grass.

I always take a broom and dustpan because if you’re doing a festival on a city street, there is always trash that just looks disgusting.

Jewelry and display:

A cheap stand mirror from the dollar store will work fine.  They break just as easily as the expensive tabletop ones.  😉

Assorted personal items:

For food and snacks, take something that you can take a bite or two of, then put down if necessary.  I have found that if you want to get a rush into your booth, start eating a messy sandwich.  At least with trail mix or crackers, you can eat a handful, then put the rest in your pocket.

If you’re outside, you need sunscreen.  You may not think that you’re going to stand outside the booth that much, but the sun position changes and you will be surprised how the back of your legs can burn even while you have a roof over your head.


For petty cash, I like to start with $100 broken down as thirty $1, two $5 and two $10, with two $20.  Note:  Since I’m usually doing these shows by myself, I don’t have the time to calculate sales tax and deal with coins.  I round up the prices of my items appropriately to a whole dollar amount to include the sales tax.  I then do the sales tax math when I enter the invoices later.

I take two credit card readers and an extra cell phone battery.  Murphy’s Law.  Enough said.

By the way, click here to get your own PDF copy of the Art Show Packing Checklist.

What else would you add to this list?


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Hi! Boy did I need this last year
Possibly, it wouldn’t have mattered. The “buyers” were more interested in the food vendors than anything else!


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