Jewelry packaging ideas

Jewelry packaging ideas

Believe it or not, I buy resin jewelry.  Why you might ask?  For me, I have two reasons:

1.  I look at a piece of resin jewelry and can see how much time, effort and skill the artist had to put into the piece.  Instead of recreating something like that, I prefer to reward the artist who made it.

2.  It is something I can’t possibly create.

The second reason brings me to the reason for my post today.

I recently made a purchase for a bangle bracelet from an artist in Bulgaria.  I loved the colors, but loved the design in the bangle even more so.  (Click here for the listing on Etsy.)  I immediately knew the one-of-a-kind artwork on the inside was something I had to add to my resin jewelry collection.

While the bracelet is absolutely love, I’m here today to brag on the artist’s outstanding job of packaging and branding.

cardboard box

I was genuinely surprised how quickly the box came from Bulgaria (approximately 10 days).  I’m not going to lie here — the outer cardboard box was underwhelming.  The contents were secure, but the box looked like it had seen better days.  I carefully cut it open and was delighted with what I found inside.

jewelry box inside cardboard box

There was a sturdy gift box with a beautiful bow on the top.

jewelry box with gift card

After pulling the jewelry box out of the cardboard box, I found a blue and silver envelope.  Inside the envelope, was a couple of cards:  a business card and a card thanking me for my purchase.

box with paper

Removing the lid showed the royal blue paper on the inside.  The paper wasn’t tissue paper, but a little thicker — almost like fabric.

bracelet in organza bag

The inner contents were the bracelet I purchased inside an organza bag.  Tied to the bracelet, was a card with the artist’s name and logo.

colorful resin bangle bracelet

I also love that the artist’s name and logo is on the inside of the bracelet.  Very clever.

resin jewelry gift box

Overall, I’m very impressed with the presentation of the bracelet in its packaging.  Here are a few specific things I really liked:

1.  I love that the artist had her name and logo on the inside of the bracelet.  Of  course it’s not possible with every piece of jewelry, but I think it’s a great way to leave an impression.

2.  The tag on the bracelet with her name and logo is spot on.  Also gives you an instant picture as to the name of the artist and her brand.

3.  The box and organza bag were a good fit for this bracelet.  What I mean by that is for the price I paid for the bracelet ($52.00), I think the piece presented as such.  If you are selling $5 earrings, you probably can’t afford this kind of packaging.  I have always thought that the the more people pay for something, the more they expect to be wow-ed when they receive it.  *Side note:  I like using organza bags to package jewelry.  They tend to be inexpensive, come in a variety of colors and don’t add much to the cost/weight of shipping.

Here are a couple of things I would think about doing differently if it were me:

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This is not meant to be disingenuous to the artist, but meant to invite discussion.

1.  The beat up cardboard box was underwhelming.  I realize how a package gets handled is out of her control.  Being on the shipping end of things, I admit I’m mortified from time to time with how delivery companies handle our packages.  I am a sucker for those pretty boxes with the company logo on the outside, but also feel strongly that we need to recycle materials whenever possible.  (My impression is that the box had been used before.)  I struggle with this one too — do you brand your boxes or make a point to reuse and recycle?

2.  I love her logo.  The blue and silver envelope also looks like it was handfolded out of a blue and silver paper.  If that is the case, I would take it to the next step by printing my own paper (or even using a stamp) with the logo.  Then, use that paper for the envelope.

Overall though, it was the most exciting, unboxing fun I have had in recent memory.

What do you think?  What do you like to do when you are getting orders ready for your customers?


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WOW! That is a pretty bracelet… I haven’t sold a lot of jewelry, but when I did I created similar packaging. Since I don’t have an official brand or logo at this time, I made cards using the same image that was used in the resin jewelry. Ribbons are a good touch, they make the purchase look more like a gift. One note on the pretty blue paper she used–I’ve collected some similar paper from flower bouquets purchased at the local store. I reuse this fabric whenever possible. I’m a big one for reusing/recycling. That said, I’m not sure I would reuse an inner (gift) box unless your brand is actually about being “green.” The shipping box, however, as long as it looks good (not ratty) when you send it off I think it is okay to reuse. Some custom labels would be nice though.

Rhonda J. Hunter

I haven’t sold anything, yet, but I bought nice jewelry boxes with soft lining to hold the jewelry that I give as gifts. I am also starting to paint and otherwise decorate papier-mache boxes for jewelry/vanity/whatever holders. I am putting in liners of tarnish resisting cloth over felt. I discovered that my washi tape fits exactly around the 4″ diameter boxes. I coated the boxes with sealer, and the washi tape still wants to come off. I may have to end up brushing a coat of resin over them!

Ellen Hodder

Any chance you know how to create the inside of the bracelet?? I love that look but I’m not sure how to go about doing it.

Laura Cannon

I’m curious as to what to store your jewelry in until you do decide to sell it. I’ve unfortunately had mine in plastic ziplock bags and found out that they leave marks behind on the resin pieces. I’m guessing as they heat up the plastic adheres to the piece. Would wrapping it in some kind of fabric be ok?

Laura Cannon

Is there a material you recommend to use then? I’m trying to figure out the best way to ship some resin necklaces without them getting scratched in the process.


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