Ten of my favorite business tools

ten business productivity toolsTen of my favorite business tools for productivity

I’m going to let you in on a little secret….  the business of Resin Obsession takes more than knowing about the resin.  AACK!  Sometimes, the resin is the easy part.  It can be hard to get everything done (especially when you have a studio kitty that demands her nap time).  I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite tools to help me get my day going smoothly.


1.  Picmonkey.  This online photo editing tool allows me to pretty-up pictures, put them in collages, and add fonts.  The best part?  No photoediting experience required!  Free for basic level service or $33 per year for premium service.

2.  Canva.  Another online photo editing tool that helps you optimize your final image for your intended platform.  It’s great at helping you ‘line up’ your elements and giving you more of a graphic designer edge.  Mostly free, but some elements cost money (usually $1 per element).

I use both of these A LOT in my week.

Social media:

3.  Hootsuite.  There is no way I could keep track of every social media network by going to each app’s native platform.  Hootsuite helps me on my desktop, but is even better at helping me on the go with my iPhone.  I can monitor and respond to followers across multiple networks much more efficiently.  Starts with a free plan for basic features.  Paid plans start at $9.99 per month.

4.  Tailwind.  While Hootsuite doesn’t cover Pinterest, tailwind does.  It also allows me to follow my pins, followers and comments in a easy to follow fashion.  Plans start at $9.99 per month.

If you are going to spend time on social media, don’t let it take over your life!  These apps help me to stay focused while also enjoying my time on the sites.

Office functionality:

5.  Evernote.  Random thoughts come in and out of my head so fast.  Where is that scrap paper and pencil?!  Oh wait, I can put it in my Evernote.  And it syncs across all my devices (computer, phone and tablet).  I’m good at losing paper, but haven’t lost any of the three of those… yet.  Basic plans are free.

6.  Go to my PC.  It never fails that when I’m out of the office, someone calls that they need help with something on the computer.  From my phone, I can log in, find the file, type in the password, etc. without having to coach someone through it.  This is also great when I’m traveling.  I can check in daily, do a little work and it’s like I was there!  Plans start at $11.95 per month.

7.  Dropbox.  I love the functiononality of this tool!  Whether I’m sharing files with others inside or outside of my office, this cloud software makes it easy to get files back and forth.  No more trying to email a big file that bogs down my email server only to get a message two hours later it didn’t send.  Free plans for up to 2 GB of space.

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8.  Endicia shipping.  There is no way we could ever take our packages to the post office every day.  Stand in line.  Wait.  Wait some more.  Oh wait, I forgot a check to pay for these.  Instead, we print the postage in our office and our mail carrier picks up our packages.  Free  plans start with stamp printing, requires a monthly subscription to do package labels.

9.  Lastpass.  I can’t remember what I had for breakfast some days and now I need to enter a password I came up with 6 months ago?  Sheesh!  Lastpass stores them all for you and even reminds you when it’s time to change them.  It can also generate hard to guess passwords for you to use.  I also have it on my phone as well.  Free plans for a single device.  Upgrade to multiple devices for $12 per year.

I won’t lie that I have a love/hate relationship with technology, but those five apps definitely keep me at my most productive.


10.  iPhone reminders.  So while it’s great that I have that appointment in the calendar, if I don’t remember to show up, that’s not going to accomplish anything.  A big bull horn or nuclear blast sounds reminds me that at some point, I needed to remind myself of something.

Do you use any of these apps or platforms?


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I also like “Go to my PC”. That happend every time when i am on my lunchbreake that someone wants something on my PC. Than i have to do back and help that person. Now i use my i-phone to do it and i still enjoy my lunch.

Susan Berkowitz

Canva and Tailwind are my two top business tools (although I do use Dropbox a LOT). Canta makes my pins, Tailwind schedules them and all is so easy now with these tools.

Rhonda J. Hunter

I have Evernote, and never use it. Can’t afford Iphone. Hate social media since I got hacked on three of them. I have a very basic cellphone, does not sinc, no camera.
On my PC I use Word and Outlook for most of my communication. Do all my craft shopping online. Thats the extent of my “tech”. I never heard of most of the sites mentioned, except picmonkey, which I tried, but I don’t think we speak the same language.

Katherine Swift

I envy you in some ways Rhonda. While I do love some of the things technology has allowed me to do, I do hate that I think it makes things less personal.

M. McNeece

My laptop is my most valuable tool. I use if for reference, to store photos, clip art, and documents. I am lost when I experience problems with my laptop. It is so much easier to view than looking on my smart phone.

Malia Luika Gentry

My tablet is my go to device for everything. I have folders with pics of my designs, price lists, suppliers, just about everything, including my personal and business calendars and contacts.


I use Picasa, its completely free and allows me to edit and add text to my photos.
Microsoft Office Picture Manager ‘auto correct’ and ‘brightness and contrast’ are my go-to for fixing colors in a photo.
Read up on GoToMyPC and make sure you use complicated passwords. That app is very easily hacked. I’ve worked for companies that do not allow it through the firewall for that reason.


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