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If you’re like me, you might have on your New Year’s ‘to do’ list to organize and clean up your resin crafting room and areas.  I try to keep everything under wraps as best as I can, but things still have a way of getting away from me.  Here’s a few of my tips that hopefully can help you too.

1.  Group similar items together in larger containers.  For example, clear resins stay in one plastic container, colored in another, molds in another, etc.  Even more important for me is using clear containers.  It makes it so much easier for me to be able to see what’s in the box rather than having to label it to know what’s in there.  Hint:  save your glass jars for storage.  They’re clear and are a great way to store pens, brushes, stir stix, etc.

craft room shelves

2.  Shelving is very important.  I make sure the shelves are very sturdy and adjustable.  Lots of times, once my resin project has achieved a soft cure on a counter, I move it to a shelf to finish curing.  Hint:  the shelves don’t need much distance in between them.  Enough room to slide trays in and out is generally all I need.

3.  Clotheslines are great for hanging.  Why waste space lying papers flat while allowing the glue to dry after sealing?  Use clothespins to allow the paper to hang vertically while drying.  HInt:  You can seal both sides at the same time instead of waiting for one side to dry before doing the other.

4.  I buy portable jewelry display cases to store my finished jewelry pieces.  It’s an organized AND portable way for me to take jewelry to shows.

So now that the basics are taken care of, here’s what I specifically do in the beginning of the year to get re-organized.

1.  Go through all supplies and discard anything that is spilled, out of date, dried up, etc.  Make sure you follow any specific instructions when discarding hazardous materials.

2.  Anything that is still useable that I no longer need, I find someone else that can use it.  Sometimes I will put stuff on craigslist or donate it to a local school art program.

3.  I clean out containers and get everything back in the right container.  Sometimes things get put in the wrong spot, so I think I’m out of something when I’m really not.  This step saves me time and money!

4.  I go through my “I’ll do something with it later pile” and actually do something with it.  If it’s a piece I can’t salvage, I will save it for practice later (see my blog post on what to do with you resin mistakes) or it hits the trash.

What do you do to get organized for the new year?


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Hey, Your suggestions are great, but I’d like to add some of my personal details, just in case there are other people like me who are chronically disorganized slobs…

I always keep handy with my resin supplies (…paint supplies, cooking supplies) a few things for that always unexpected disaster. I call it my Don’t Panic! kit, even though it I need it I’ve already panicked. For resin I include a box of baby wipes, a ratty old towel, an apron, a roll of paper towels, extra gloves, large sheets of plastic or trash bags for cover, and a pile of newspapers. I usually keep those things in a dishpan.

In a different lidded box I keep every little thing I could possibly need, avoiding those repeated dashes across my crowded “studio” to find a toothpick, a popsicle stick, extra little inclusions, like bits of glitter or magazine pages, and a small bottle of ModPodge, because that stuff has legs…

I have a primary tray I work in (and I wish I could remember where I got it because I could use more…) and I nest all the other containers inside it. That way I can work in any little place that isn’t already covered in stuff!

It’s a lot of crap and it takes up space, but it’s saved my butt every time I’ve made a big booboo, jumped up off my chair (spilling the open resin bottle all over my dog…)


I like to use office-type letter/in-box trays to lay papers or partially completed or thought-out designs. I cam stack them as high as I need and the footprint is small.



I love your idea of a WHOOPS kit! I, too, have paper towels and acetone handy for cleanups. Happens to me too!



I love the idea of anything stackable. I hadn’t thought of office trays. Great idea!


I nwould like to make a full body silicone doll what products are th best platinum silicone to use & can I use genesis heat paint on the silicone? If not than what type of paint will I need & do you supply?


Talk about Whoops! Now I know what I forgot to buy — ACETONE!! After I need it!!! Thank goodness for wet wipes, too!
Most of my spills are easily wiped up, but I hate, hate, hate, wasting all that expensive but necessary stuff.
Actually, most of my work is with crystal beads or clay, and the clay can be really messy. I also have a bad habit of spilling anything liquid in the area, including coffee, on whatever is sitting in front of me. My cat has a bad habit of walking on my work, also.
Including my laptop. She knows how to turn it off by walking on the off button! (lol)


could someone point me in the right direction…i am very interested in trying out the making of resin jewelry. are there any books, videos or websites that you can tell me about to educate myself on the craft? thanks! 🙂
i have taken down a list from this thread to start organizing my art room for future resin projects, thank you for sharing!


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