10 ways how to save money when using resin – Resin money saving tips

how to save money when using resinYes, you are reading that correctly. A company that is selling resin products is going to share with you how to save money when using resin.

See, when I’m not a resin retailer, I am a resin artist. (and a thrifty one at that). Saving money on resin and resin supplies is something I do as well in my creative endeavors. Here are a few ways to do that.

1. If you want to try a resin you have never worked with before, start with a small quantity first.

Yes, I know this is an expensive way to go, but this could save you money in the long run should you find out that resin really isn’t a good fit for what you want to make.  At least you won’t have wasted money buying a large kit you won’t use.

2. Buy the largest quantity you can that you can comfortably use within half of the shelf life of the resin.

This will let you get a volume discount on your resin without having to worry about it yellowing before you can use it up.

3. Follow your favorite resin brands on social media and subscribe to their email list.

That’s the best way to get discount codes on resin and resin supplies.  Psst — you can join the Resin Obsession mailing list here: Resin Obsession e-news list

4. Look for ways to recycle and reuse your supplies.

Plastic cups and utensils can be cleaned for another use. Cured resin can peel away from silicone surfaces allowing it to get used again.

5. Start checking Craigslist, Facebook marketplace and other online ‘yard sales’ to find supplies someone is selling used or may no longer want.

You may even be able to get these items for free simply by picking them up.

6. Hit up the dollar store.

I find a lot of silicone baking items, crafts and school supplies from the dollar store make the perfect addition to my resin studio.

7. Look for extra perks when doing business with a resin supplier.

For example, Resin Obsession offers a rewards program where customers earn discount codes on future purchases. Every little bit adds up!

8. Once you’ve cleaned out the dollar store, look for a flea market or yard sale in your area.

You might have to spend part of a day here and put in a little effort, but you can get some amazing finds. I once purchased a bag of broken watches for $6 that weighed close to twenty pounds. I have enough watch gears to make steampunk jewelry for years to come!

9. Join a community of crafters (online or in-person) where you can share ideas and perhaps resin supplies.

This is a great way to trade for or exchange items you decided you don’t like with other resin crafters.

10. Stay organized.

I can’t tell you how many times I have bought something a second (and third) time because I couldn’t find the first one I bought. Spending an afternoon organizing your work area will ensure you use up the supplies you have before buying more.

What other ideas do you have on how to save money when using resin?

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  1. When doing a large resin project, I always have some small projects ready just in case I’ve mixed too much resin.

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