Casting resin colors

Casting resin colors

mixing clear resin

In case you were wondering…yes, the resin experiments are continuing.  To tell you the truth, I’m a little jealous that my resinistas are getting to do fun stuff with tutorials and I’m doing the boring things.  But, in terms of helping you be an awesome resinista yourself, I’m determined to know everything I can about the products we sell to give you the best advice.

Even if the casting resin colors results are rather non-exciting.

adding yellow pigment

For this week’s experiment, I mixed Resin Obsession super clear resin with the Castin’ Craft opaque pigments.  I added one to two drops of pigment to 3 to 5 cc of mixed resin.  These pigments are thick in consistency, so it can be a little hard too get only one drop out of the container.

casting resin colors

After prepping teardrop mold 404. with a light mist of Castin’ Craft mold release and conditioner, I let it dry for 30 minutes before pouring the resin.

opaque resin teardrops

The results after they were demolded:  mostly SUCCESS

Everything cured as expected and there were no problems demolding.  If you look closely at the white teardrop, you can see the color separated somewhat.  I don’t know if I didn’t mix it in well enough or if this happened after I poured the resin.  Since the other colors did fine in the super clear resin, I’m inclined to think it was either operator error (yes, I still make them) or a problem with the white pigment.  I will need to redo this color at some point to see if it happens again.

Have you had that experience when working with these opaque colors in resin?

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I had problems with my white pigment, it turn out either it was old or dry.

Katherine Swift

Good to know. I haven’t retried the experiment yet, but will be sure to post the results.


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