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Originally written November 2011.  Updated April 2019.

Clear Casting Resin

Resin jewelry making often uses clear casting resin. Resin is a liquid plastic which hardens after a chemical reaction.  Heat is generated when the hardener is mixed with the base resin in the case of two-part resin kits. The heat causes the liquid material to harden.  There are several clear casting resin categories:  epoxy resin, polyurethane resin and polyester resin.

Characteristics of clear casting resin

These resins have a high gloss finish, water-clear clarity (although some may cure with an amber tint), hard finish and resistance to moisture, but UV light resistance can vary.  For resin jewelry making, a resin containing extra UV additives to prolong the time until yellowing occurs is the ideal choice.

Clear casting resin applications

The clarity of this resin makes it ideal for making water reproductions in railroad and gaming scenery.  Clear casting resins can make car lenses for automotive restorations.  One of its most popular purposes is making resin jewelry embedded with found or personal items.

With the look of glass, it can simulate stained glass windows, whether clear or colored.  This resin preserves pictures, found objects or other small collage pieces.  Because of this, artists can make one-of-a-kind jewelry by layering the resin with other elements to create a three-dimensional effect.

The resin can be colored with resin colors to transform the water-clear resin from clear all the way to opaque, allowing artists to create nearly any look imaginable.  Jewelry artists can create resin gems with a transparent or translucent clarity.  Some even apply tinted resin to metal just like paint.

While in the past resin jewelry has often been linked to poor quality mass productions, that is not the case today. Artists and designers often use resin in jewelry designs sold to galleries and high end stores, because resin jewelry has a wide range of appeal.  Resin jewelry can be colorful and whimsical.  Resin plays an important part in making unique mixed media pieces.

Need a clear casting resin for your project?

The Resin Obsession super clear resin is a crystal clear casting resin that works great for jewelry and small crafting projects.  Because it mixes in a thin viscosity, it is easy for bubbles to escape.  Vacuum or pressure casting is unnecessary.  Achieving bubble free, crystal clear resin castings has never been this easy!  clear casting resin

This resin is an excellent jewelry quality resin for molds and bezels to make exquisite jewelry.  Here’s a recent review:

“It can be really difficult to find a good resin but this one is perfect. It is super clear and the bubbles weren’t difficult to remove. Love it.”


super clear casting resin butterfly charm

It cures hard enough that it can be polished with rotary tools and polishing compound.  In addition, this resin has the brightness and shine of glass!

Here’s what another user had to say:

“I struggled a lot with different resins that either filled with bubbles or wouldn’t flow into smaller, narrow molds right. I really do genuinely like this resin, it doesn’t bother my head, it is very thin, it has a good work time, and I think I’ll keep buying more! The price is worth the save in headaches and getting clear resin pieces.”

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resin gold leaf ring silicone mold

It cures very hard, making it an ideal choice for resin jewelry projects.  Even when cast thin, this resin is very durable.

Buy clear casting resin now.


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101 thoughts on “Clear casting resin – shop for water clear, UV resistant casting resin

  1. I would like to attach beach glass, marbles, etc to a glass window and then pour something over it that will dry as clear and the glass and not yellow over time when exposed to the sun. Would this product work or could you make a suggestion?

  2. Lisa, in general, an epoxy or polyurethane resin would be a better choice. Make sure it is UV light stable. Polyester resin has a tendency to yellow over time.

  3. I have been collecting, pressing and drying four leaf clovers. I would like to try casting them into jewelry molds, what product would you recommend and should the clovers be covered/sealed in glue before putting into the resin. I have read many of the products but still unclear. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  4. Just curious – if i cast something in resin, say a dead fish, will the resin prevent decay or will I have problems?

  5. Amber,

    I would be worried that a dead fish would keep the resin from curing (since it still has moisture in it). I supposed if you taxidermied (is that even a word?) first, it would be okay.

  6. I am making cabinet tops Out of broken windshields What product do you suggest That I can use? that would even it all out and fill in all the cracks and be like glass. that can. Handle heat like it hot pan

  7. Is it possible to put paper with ink in the resin?…. I had a teacher die last year who was a true hero at my school, so for graduation presents to her former students I wanted to include quotes in a mason jar with poppy flowers in it…

  8. Hello there, I am looking for a resin that can be poured into glass and doesn’t yellow in sunlight (because I want to embed something that glows in the dark). I don’t know if uv resistent epoxy resin would prevent the glowing in the dark. Is there a resin that is crystal clear, would allow sunlight in, but not yellow and would not pull away from glass? Thank you!

  9. Denise, you will need the appropriate size mold (I would recommend something from this category: ) along with resin. (Link here for what resin to choose: ) If you want to make a globe, you will need to cast the resin into the mold and glue the mold together. Otherwise, you will have to make your own globe mold if you only want to do one casting. There is a discussion about this on our forum:

  10. I am wanting to do pregnant belly casts with a clear medium that will be durable, light weight and non yellowing. What product would you recommend and would you layer it?

  11. Gaela,

    Our super clear resin would work very well for this. It doesn’t yellow and it works well pouring in layers.

    My only concern is how heavy it’s going to be, but I have that concern with any and of the resins. You might want to consider using the microballoons product and the Alumilite resin. The microballoons allow you to add volume without weight. (It gets used with making doll heads for example.)

  12. Hello,
    I would like to embed dried and fresh flowers and leaves used at my wedding into an art work and hang it on the wall like a big photo. Is it possible with resin? What type of mould would be suitable? I’m talking about a flat piece that is about 3 meters long. Do I need to seal the flowers and leaves first?
    Thanks a lot for your help!

  13. Hi, I am looking for a clear embedding resin to create a sea scene with a fine scale modelled resin shark suspended in the center. The block will end up being about 15″ x 15″ x 6″. I have used a Kleer Kast product in the past but found it to react and strip the paint and damage the resin surface (possibly due to the MEK based hardener) so cannot use it. There is a product called ‘doming resin’ but this is very prone to bubbling so again i cannot use. Can you recommend a resin that will take a dye, not bubble in volume, and not react with resin or painted immersed objects?

  14. Hi, I’m looking for a non yellowing, clear resin that will be somewhat heat resistant. This will be my first time working with resin so I’m a bit overwhelmed by the choices. Let me tell you about my project…..I am taking a tacky chandelier from the 80’s and transforming it. There are 12 glass (roughly 3×6) rectangles that I will be gluing translucent mosaic pieces to. I’d like to encase them and have a hard square edge. I’m planning on making a mold to get the hard edge. The main thing I need from the resin is that it will be non yellowing and stand up to mild heat from being near light bulbs. I’m sure this is hard to visualize, so here is a link to pictures. The first three in this set are what I’m working with.

    I’ll be very grateful for any direction you can give me! Thanks,

  15. @Robyn,

    I would suggest either trying our Resin Obsession super clear resin (which is an epoxy), or a water clear polyurethane resin. Epoxies in general are ‘softer’ than other resins, but our brand of epoxy resin does cure clear and hard. I don’t know how much heat it can take, so I would recommend a few test pieces first. A polyurethane resin could work as well, provided it is water clear. It should be able to take mild heat, but once again, I would do a couple of test pieces. I would not use a polyester resin. While it will take the heat okay, it will yellow with time. Good luck!

  16. Will your super clear resin up outdoors? I’m doing a tabletop encapsulation project on a patio table and need something that will stay crystal clear. I’m not sure which “uv resistant” claims to believe.

  17. Debbie,

    It is UV resistant, but I’ve never tried it for a tabletop, only for jewelry. Our super clear resin is not a doming resin, so I think it would be challenging to use cast it onto a table top. I would certainly suggest trying making something on a smaller scale with our resin and leaving it outside for days to weeks to see what happens.

  18. Have a question. I’m preparing 15 centerpieces for a bridal reception. They consist of a couple pieces of Manzanita branches in a tall vase. The brides wants different color water beads in them. Problem is, the branches, because of the nature of the way the tree grows, won’t stand up in the vases without some sort of base to hold them in place. Can I add the water beads and then pour resin over them. The dried resin will hold the branches in place but would it damage the water beads? Desperate for a solution. Wedding is in 2 weeks and we still have to Steampunk decorate the trees after I get this issue resolved.

  19. @Roger,

    When you say water beads, do you mean the glass rocks that people use in vases to help hold up the flowers? If so, then yes, they should do fine with the resin. I would suggest pouring in some resin first, then adding the beads. Doing it the other way around will most likely trap bubbles.

  20. Hi!

    I have an outdoor table that I covered with photos and sealed with modge podge and polyuerethane. It didn’t hold up. I want to do it again. Can I cover the photos and table with a resin?

  21. @Lori,

    Yes, resin should work. I would suggest either trying the Envirotex Lite or a polyester resin designed for outdoor use.

  22. i would like to know if i could preserve my betta fish in a crystal clear resin and preserve it’s color, once it dies of course.

  23. @Denise,

    I would suggest using some of our liquid resin colorants. A dot or two of white opaque liquid will make clear resin look cloudy, but not white. The other colors will do the same. Add resin colors until you get your desired effect.

  24. Hi, I’ve been using ICE Resin and have had great success with bezels and small pieces. I have recently started making bangles however, and find that although they cure hard at first, they soften with my body heat as I wear them. I was wondering if there was a different (not epoxy maybe?) resin I could try to avoid this problem? I would prefer clear resin as I love the effects I can get. Thank you!!

  25. Hi. I’m going to be starting a high end costume & prop business, & my first item is a special wizard staff *Though I can’t say all the details to the public.*. I will be carving design cavities into a Gambel Oak stick and was planning on lining the cavity walls with this glow in the dark paint-

    Would your super clear resin be able to be put on top without keeping the paint from absorbing UV light? UV lightbulbs will be directed at it for stronger recharges.

    On top of that I planned on sealing it all with water based high gloss polyurethane.

  26. @R603, If you’re going to be coating with polyurethane, then I think using the super clear resin is just adding an extra step.

  27. The polyurethane is mainly for sealing the chromatic paint on the rest of said staff. The resin is needed for a look similar to that of colored glass, & will fill the engraved design cavities on top of the glow in the dark paint. What I was curious about is whether or not the resin would block UV absorption by the paint.

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  31. Appreciating all the info. Im a mixed media visual artist, often pouring layers of resin over my paintings. Could you recommend the best resin product for this use? Thanks

  32. I would like to fill mason jars with fresh fruit( strawberries,etc.) and fill with clear resin for decorations. Is this possible, and what resin products do you suggest I use? I’ve never done this before, but want to duplicate this from memory from jars my Mom purchased years ago.

  33. @Sara, I would suggest using fake fruit. The moisture from real fruit will probably keep your resin from curing.

  34. Hello I have just recently made a couple of coasters using clear casting resin and for the decoration I put a picture in the coaster. I am having a hard time getting all the bubbles out. I covered the picture with the resin before putting it in the coaster which helped a little but I still had bubbles. Is there something else you can recommend? Also my coasters stick to the bottom of my cups and start to smell, would the sealer spray help with this? Thank you!

  35. @Kayla, dip the picture in resin before putting it into your mold. That will break the surface tension and make it less likely you will trap bubbles. If it is just a bit of surface stickiness, the yes the sealer spray will help.

  36. I would like to do two projects and probably need two different resins. First I want to adhere glass objects to old window panes and seal the works with epoxy resin. I need something that will stay crystal clear if I hang the pieces on a window. Also, is there a product that would work if I decided to hang these pieces outside as yard art?
    The second project involves pouring resin over river rock into a deep frame for table tops. Thank you for your suggestions

  37. Hello. I am looking to use a clear resin for a six inch diameter mace weapon replica for a costume. I need it clear as I am embedding lights into the resin. Will this product be super heavy at that size? Is there any way to figure out what the dried weight would be? Any suggestions to limit the weight during the casting or molding process? Thanks 🙂

  38. @Sarah, yes finished casting that size is going to have some weight on it. If you are open to using an opaque resin like the Alumilite Amazing casting resin, you can add the Alumilite microballoons product which adds volume to the casting without adding weight. Both products are sold on this site.

  39. Hi! I am trying to preserve flowers on a table top via resin and was wondering if this was possible? I’m using a solid wood piece that I will recess to then pour resin into a 12″x22″ area where I will then lay flowers. How should I go about this to avoid bubbles/opacity? Is it even possible?

  40. is there any type of clear casting material that is fast setting when temperature is right but does not need a catalyst

  41. I am looking for something that can imitate broken glass for use as part of a necklace, therefore actual broken glass is not an option. Does resin cure hard enough that its edges can be chipped once it’s cured to make it look like glass?

  42. Any advice or direction for making large globes (9/10 inch Dia ), using a latex balloon as the mold ? I know one can make them using paper mache, but I need weather proof globes with open bottoms. I’m attempting to make Luminaires with LED lights inside.

  43. @Ralph, I’m not sure the latex balloon will work as a mold. First, I worry it will break under the weight of the resin. The other thing is that some resins won’t cure when coming in contact with latex. I would definitely check with the resin manufacturer first.

    1. Hi James, Do you have a picture you can share on what your piece of wall looks like? You can email it to us and I can post your question along with the picture in the forum.

  44. Hi – I have never worked with resin at all before – so I am a little lost with all of the available types of product! I am hoping to use a high gloss, non-yellowing resin, that I would then be able to add glitter to. I want to put the resin onto just specific areas onto glass, over the top of a framed photograph to highlight light on the water. Any ideas/recommendations? Thank you

        1. I’m afraid there aren’t any options I can share with you. You can try to saw and sand off as much resin as possible, then recast.

  45. Love this site. When I was using epoxy resin I was able to draw things on dura-lar with Sharpie and embed them. With polyester resin the Sharpie runs. I suppose I can encase the whole thing in clear tape, but is there anything else i could draw with that wouldn’t smear?

      1. I was drawing on overhead projector sheets with Sharpie and embedding those. I suppose I need something that isn’t alcohol based? Will keep experimenting! Thanks for your reply!

        1. Alcohol based inks will dissolve in resin. That’s probably what’s going on. Let me know what ends up working for you!

  46. Hello , i would like to make a transparent glass panel with some leaves in it. Dimensions 80 cm * 100 cm. What resin do I need?

  47. I would like to use resin on 6061 aluminum with a flat surface. Ending thickness will be definitely under 1/8″ Having done some reading on here in the various guides I concluded that a soft resin will not work as I’d like to be able to buff and polish. The aluminum pieces in question are no larger then 4×3 inches and flat. I’ll be placing boundaries on the edges so as to “fill” the surface evenly as spill over would render the aluminum piece useless as it is a lid for an aluminum enclosure. Which resin would you recommend for this application?

  48. Hello there
    I have preserved multiple dried flowers within mason jars but I seemed to have cracked one. Will I have an issue removing the glass? Its one of my better specimens and I’d like to retain just the casting without the glass.
    Hope you can help! Thanks!

  49. I’m making crafts for my grandkids using ball jars. My question is can I use epoxy resin in the bottom of the jar? Or will it bust from the heat during the cure time

  50. what resin would be best for a resin based candle holder (think like a glass candle holder for a pillar candle… just… resin, not glass)… could it handle that much ambient air heat without being a fire hazard, burning to the touch, or melting?

  51. I want to make rectangular side panels out of wine bottle
    ends for my front door. I thought about making a frame
    the width of the door and cut two bottles ends(for instance) and placing the cut ends together and taping them.
    Then I would place those randomly in the frame and pour
    the polyurethane around the glass bottle ends to create a
    stained glass look. Will this work okay? I do not want the
    clear parts to be able to be seen through, so the thickness
    would need to be pretty thick, or can you see through it no
    matter how thick?

    1. If you are using a clear resin, it should be see through regardless of the thickness. If you want a frosted appearance, sand the surface after it has cured.

    1. Hi Jason, I wouldn’t use resin for a purpose like this. You can likely get glass cut and polished for this purpose for less time and effort.

  52. Hi, I am looking for a resign to case automotive lights lenses. In the perfect world I am looking for a resin that will not yellow over time. Please advise which is the best or if there is a combination or a technology that should be to followed.

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