Dinosaur casting part two

Dinosaur casting part two

prepping dinosaur model

I am determined to make a dinosaur. After the last resin dinosaur didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped, I took a different approach this time.

This time, I chose to mold him such that his legs and feet were going down. I wanted gravity to be on my side for this one. Think like a tree — you want the resin (or any other casting material) to run from the thick trunk down to through branches to the leaves.

dinosaur model in mold cup

After pouring a layer of Composimold in the cup, I set the dinosaur inside and placed in the Alumilite modeling clay to act as my sprues. I put in a large sprue for the back and a smaller sprue for the tail. After pouring the Composimold on top, I let the mold cure for a couple of hours in the freezer so that I could demold him faster.

Not shown: Demolding the dinosaur this time was a bit more tedious. I used a scalpel blade to cut down along the front of the large clay sprue. After getting making a cut almost all the way down the clay, I pulled it out. I then continued a cut along the top of the dinosaur’s back and across his head. I had to continue the cut to underneath his nose to release his head. I also made a cut along the midline back to the clay on top of his tail.

dinosaur mold detail

Here is the finished mold. You can the sprue coming from the back. (There is also a small sprue coming off the tail that isn’t seen well in this picture.) The body is going downhill to allow the legs and arms to face downward. I’m hoping gravity will be on my side this time.

pouring resin through a sprue

I poured the resin through the sprue opening. Having a large opening meant I could do it more quickly. I also made sure this time to pour enough resin into the mold that it somewhat filled the sprue. I then covered it to allow for curing overnight.

The next morning, this is what I found. Notice the red cured resin at the bottom of the cup? Yeah…not a good thing.

Sadly, this was my result. I didn’t have it taped well enough by the dinosaur’s head and the resin ran out into the cup. Even if the resin had not run out, it still wouldn’t have worked because the resin didn’t work it’s way into the feet and arms. Drat!

I do have a couple more ideas to try as I am determined not to let this dinosaur eat me alive! Grr…


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