How to dry flower petals with contact paper

How to dry flower petals with contact paper

Have you ever had a beautiful flower bouquet that you wondered how you could include in your next resin project?  The good news is that you can!  I’m going to show you how to dry flower petals with contact paper so you can use them in a future jewelry or crafting project

Here is one of the bouquets I took my petals from.  I love all these colors!

colorful bouquet of flowers

Step 1:  Prepare a flat surface

parchment paper and cardboard

For the pressing process, cut a piece of cardboard to rest on a countertop.  On top of that, place a piece of parchment paper.  Then, on top of that, place a piece of contact paper.


Step 2:  Apply the petals to the contact paper

placing flower petals onto contact paper

Removed the contact paper backing and carefully pressed down fresh petals.  Use them while they still look good — don’t wait for them to fall off the flower.  Then, replace the plastic protective backing.


Step 3:  Add weight

book as paperweight

After placing another layer of parchment paper on top, use a heavy textbook to weigh the papers and petals down.  Change the parchment paper every two to three days.  It absorbs moisture, which will keep your petals from molding.  You will be surprised how damp the papers feel, especially in the beginning.  Do this for two weeks.


Step 4:  Use your dried petals

dried flowers on contact paper

So after two weeks here are the results.

Pros to this method:

Petals dry no better or no worse than other methods.

You are less likely to damage the petals working with them since they will have a stiff backing.  (You will have to cut them out of the contact paper in order to use them.)

Cons to this method:

The petals may tear while flattening them to adhere to the contact paper.

It costs more to do it this way since you have the investment of contact paper.

Now that you have dried flower petals, here how you use dried flower petals in resin.

What other questions do you have about how to dry flower petals with contact paper?  What do you think about trying this?


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