How to dry flower petals with parchment paper

How to dry flower petals with parchment paperIf you have wondered how to dry flower petals with parchment paper, then you are going to love this article!  I love using flowers and flower petals from the bouquets I’m lucky enough to get for a birthday or other special occasion.  You don’t always have to use the entire bloom or bud.  Flowers petals look great in resin jewelry and crafts!

Step 1:  Select your petals

fresh flower petals on parchment paper

Pick several fresh petals and place them onto parchment paper.  If you want to see what the original bouquet for these flowers looked like, you can see it in how to dry flowers with silica gel beads.

Step 2:  Cover the petals

After placing the flowers onto the sheet of parchment paper, cover them with another layer of parchment paper.  Fold a larger piece of parchment paper and place the flower ‘sandwich’ inside the folded piece of paper.  Then, rest the sandwich onto a piece of cardboard.  Next, place a heavy book on top.  If you want to see pictures, I used the same technique when I dried flower petals using contact paperChange the outer parchment paper layer every two to three days because of moisture.  You don’t want the flower petals to mold.

Step 3:  Uncover the petals

flowers dried flat with parchment paper

This is the fun part of how to dry flower petals with parchment paper — the reveal!  This is how the flowers looked after drying for 2 weeks with parchment paper.


Easy.  All I needed was parchment paper and a heavy book.

Colors changed some, but not as much as it seemed to with other methods.


Took two weeks to dry.

Still require monitoring.  I had to make sure to change the paper every couple of days.  Certainly not a project I could walk away from for two weeks.


dried flowers on parchment paper

Overall, I think I’m happy with the process.  The colors preserved well and these are ready to use in clear resin.

Have you dried flower petals with parchment paper?  What has been your result?

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8 thoughts on “How to dry flower petals with parchment paper

  1. I use blogger paper. Flowers in between the pieces of paper. That sandwich goes inside a phone book onto which I put 2 or 3 bricks. I don’t change the paper at all, just wait the 2 weeks(much less in summer here in southern Oregon).

    You can see my jewelry at

  2. Chris, you said you used “blogger” paper which I am not familiar with. Did you mean blotter paper and if not, could you tell me what blogger paper is and where you find it? I checked out your site and you have absolutely gorgeous pieces so I would love to learn more.

  3. I am fairly lazy. I took flowers and leaves,lay them between the pages of a telephone book with bricks on top for weight.
    The ink on the print has not worn off on they were nice and flat. They turned out nice in color also. The only problem I have with any way of drying is white and light colors trun a yellow tinge.

  4. I use books. They must NOT have glossy pages. A brick or
    weight can be used BUT best results are with a large binder
    clip or rubber band. Post it notes serve as id tabs.
    I get 5-10 preservations per book. I an using botanials
    that are pressed 8-10 years in some designs.

  5. Love your tutorial with the parchment paper!!!! The colors of the petals came out very vibrant!
    This technique will be my next process😸

  6. I use a food dehydrator (that I do not use for food) to dry flowers. Mine has up to 5 trays that I can use at once. It takes about 3 hours to dry the petals depending on how many I’m drying and what type of flower it is.

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