How to get the most from your Resin Obsession purchase

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How to make the most of your resin craft supplies purchase

I love reading the notes from so many of you about how you are new to resin crafting and excited about what you can do with resin!  I’m writing this mostly to new resin crafters, but I would also ask that any of you experienced resin crafters add your comments at the end.

1.  If you’re new to resin, do a little bit of planning first.  While I love the idea of people making resin gifts, it does make me a little uncomfortable when I get empassioned pleas from people who are panicked because they need to make something ‘on a fast-approaching deadline’.  I hate imposing those deadlines on myself, much less on someone who has never made anything with resin before.  Give yourself at least a week once you get your resin supplies to allow yourself time to learn how the product works.  Depending which resin product you are using, you should be able to get a couple of castings done and demolded.  This will give you instant technique feedback and some confidence about what you’re doing.

2. Research, research, research.  And ask some questions too.  You certainly don’t need to spend days or weeks on this step, but spend 30 to 60 minutes reading about resin and identifying some common themes.  For example, when you are reading the tutorials on Resin Obsession, I hope you would see that safety is important, mold release is your friend, and proper techniques will ensure your success.  Obviously my thoughts and recommendations are different than other things you may find, so I’m always happy to answer questions about why I recommend a certain technique or process.

3.  For beginners, I think kits are the way to go.  To make sure the ‘cart doesn’t go before the horse’, I urge newbie resin crafters and jewelry makers to get some experience with resin first.  What you make is more or less irrelevant at this point, but gaining some skills and learning proper techniques is what I suggest.  The Resin Obsession resin kits are designed to give beginners the tools and supplies they need to get started.

4.  While you’re waiting for your supplies to arrive, learn what you can about them.  Here are a few examples:

  • If you have bought some plastic molds, learn what they can and can’t do, along with how to care for them.
  • Every resin has its own mixing instructions.  Learn how your resin mixes — amounts, minimum volumes, pot time, etc.
  • Learn how the colorants mix into resin — and how much you might need

5.  Have a way to store your supplies once you are finished with them.  Molds will need to be stored flat.  Resin should be kept cool and out of direct sunlight.  Colorants will need to kept in tightly sealed containers to prevent them from drying out.  I would also suggest writing a purchase date on your products.  You will want to easily see if your products are approaching their expiration dates.

6.  Mentally prepare yourself for some disappointments.  I can’t say this enough, you will not be good at resin from the start!  My first few resin castings were not anywhere near what I wanted.  Seek out technical support or help from your fellow resin jewelry makers and crafters.  (The Resin Obsession forum is a great place to do this.)  Oftentimes, a tweek in your technique or adjustment based your environment is all it takes to get you to perfection.

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What would you experienced resin crafters also suggest to a newbie?

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You failed to mention your book! There are so many wonderful tips & ideas in it that will get a newbie off on the right foot. It’s possibly the best resource for someone to start out with. Where would be without guiding hands & hearts such as yours?

Rhonda J. Hunter

I bought your book when it first was available on download. That book is a must-have for any resin crafter! It stresses the things we so often forget (or didn’t know) about safety issues around resins, among all the other things to remember!

Katherine Swift

Thanks so much Rhonda. I’m glad to hear it was a help to you.

Katherine Swift

We sell the supplies here. The links at left will take you to our store to make a purchase.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t remember how I found this site, but your information is easy to digest and seems to cover all of my questions. In fact, you have taken care to cover as many questions as you can. I appreciate it, and even though I’ve used resin many times as a coating for my crafts, I will now go shopping here for a kit to start making jewelry…wait, that’s how I found the site lol


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