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How to make resin jewelry without molds

I LOVE making jewelry with resin. Resin is so versatile in that you can form it with resin molds to take on any shape. Plus, you can leave it clear or add resin colors. Its ability to take on colors and shapes makes it so appealing for crafting. At some point though, you might be asking yourself how to make resin jewelry without molds.

You’re going to love this.

You can make resin jewelry using bezel blanks.

Say what? Like what are those?

backless bezels

Jewelry bezels or jewelry blanks are industry terms for the metal cups that you use to make jewelry. For our purposes, we’re going to fill them with resin, but you can also fill them with gemstones, rocks, clay, or other materials. These metal blanks are usually made with a base metal, then plated with silver, gold, copper, or something else to give the blanks a look of precious metal. You can also get pure metal blanks, but these are much more expensive than the plated kind. You can also buy jewelry bezels in numerous shapes and styles to make earrings, pendants, rings, and bracelets.

What resin should you use in jewelry bezels?


pouring resin into a bezel

Resin jewelry made in bezels looks best when it has a glossy finish that rises above the side of the bezel. This dome magnifies what’s inside the bezel and gives an extra dimension to the jewelry. For this reason, you want to use a doming resin. This resin formula mixes thick and self-levels to produce a glass-like surface in jewelry blanks.

Best resin for jewelry blanks

Resin Obsession crystal doming resin

*mixes 1 part A to 1 part B by volume
*stays liquid for 30 to 50 minutes (pot time)
*creates a crystal clear, shiny dome

How do you use epoxy resin in bezels?


mixing resin

The good news is that the concepts are still the same if you’ve used resin for other projects, like making resin paperweights or creating epoxy art. You want to accurately measure your parts, thoroughly mix them together, then use the resin before the pot time expires. If mixing resin is new to you, you will want to read this article on mixing resin and hardener.

What other supplies are essential on how to make resin jewelry without molds?

Of course, you are going to need the jewelry bezels for your project. As we’ve talked about already, they come in different shapes and finishes, but you will also see that some come with an open back while others come with a closed back.

ice resin iced enamels pendant

Open-backed bezels allow light to shine through the resin once it’s cured. Closed-back bezels don’t let the light shine through.

backless bezels with resinn

Now I’m guessing what you’re thinking here. If the back of the jewelry bezel is open, how am I supposed to keep the liquid resin inside? That’s where sticky tape comes in.  First, firmly press the bezel onto the sticky side of masking or packing tape. Then, you can add your resin as desired and peel off the tape once the resin cures. Of course, this step is unnecessary if using closed-back bezels because the back of the cup contains the resin while it cures.

Here are a couple of projects on how to make resin jewelry with bezels:

flower pendant tutorial with resin

Open-backed pendant tutorial

resin pendants

The easiest way to make resin pendants

Besides your resin and bezels, you’re going to need mixing cups, stirring sticks, protective gloves, and a few other things to help get you started. This resin supply list goes into more detail about some of the other things you will need.

What can I include in my resin jewelry bezels?

Anything that you included in a resin mold project, you can likely put in a jewelry bezel. That’s another fun aspect of how to make resin jewelry without molds. A lot of the supplies and embellishments can be used for both!

When it comes to things to include in resin, here’s a basic list to get you started:

*doll parts

Of course, that isn’t everything you can put in resin, but it will get you started. Be sure to seal anything that changes appearance when it gets wet so that it stays pretty.

Now you’re ready to make resin jewelry!

What else should you know about how to make resin jewelry without molds?


1. Have everything ready before you mix your resin so you don’t waste your time and have the resin cure before you get a chance to use it.

2. Make sure everything is fully dry before including it in resin. Moisture can keep the resin from curing, plus something that isn’t dry can change colors or rot.

3. Be sure to cover your surface with something that the resin can peel away from. For example, you can use a silicone mat, garbage bag, wax paper, or something similar.

cover castings with a plastic dome

4. It’s going to take your resin about 24 hours to cure, so make sure you make your jewelry in a place that you can cover with a plastic dome and leave undisturbed the entire time.

5. While doming resin is excellent at producing a beautiful finish in jewelry blanks, it can hang onto bubbles because it mixes thick. For this reason, I like to have a heat gun handy to remove the surface bubbles and make sure my resin cures beautifully clear.

Ready to learn how to make resin jewelry with molds but want more help?

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