Jewel tone resin colors

Jewel tone resin colors

mixing resin

Another week, another experiment.  This time, I used the Resin Obsession super clear resin with the Castin’ Craft transparent resin dyes to create what ended up being beautiful jewel tone resin colors.

adding a drop of dye to resin

I mixed a drop of each color into 3 to 4 cc of mixed resin.  I was amazed at how much darker the colors came out as compared to last week’s experiment with the same transparent dyes and the Amazing clear cast resin.

casting resin into a mold

After prepping assorted shapes mold 405 with a light mist of Castin’ Craft mold release and conditioner, I let it dry for 30 minutes before casting the resin.

Jewel tone resin colors

The results after they were demolded:  SUCCESS

The colors were transparent and the resin cured as expected.

What has been your experience when using these resin dyes?



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